Best Way to Fix a Toenail Crack


Many people suffer from cracked toenails from time to time, and they are more common than you might think. It can be a sign of poor health or something more severe going on in the body. There are many methods that will focus on improving the integrity of the nail bed, as well as preventing any potential cracking in the future. Because we walk on our feet as human beings, a lot of people take their toenail health for granted. That is why this guide has been developed to help you fix a cracked toenail, and strengthen your nails. Through 

Injury, infection, harmful chemicals, or even vitamin deficiency, the body uses visuals to show us that there is something wrong with overall functioning. 

Some methods below depend on the state of your toenail crack and how deep it runs, so a great place to start is to figure out the severity of it. If you see blood or signs of infection, it is important that you consult your doctor rather than trying to deal with it yourself. There is a chance that you risk making it worse otherwise. 


Speed up nail regrowth by eating calcium-rich foods. Leafy greens such as kale, and dairy products are great sources of calcium that aids healing as well as improve overall nail health. If you want your nail to grow back from the crack, then this can be a good way to accelerate the process. This is more of a preventative and for additional healing properties, you could try supplements or taking a multivitamin if you aren’t already. 

Super Glue

If you have checked and can see that the toenail crack is surface level, you might want to try using superglue to keep it intact while the nail grows back. This is an easy option if you have some lying around because the glue can be filed down once it has fully dried. A disadvantage of this method is that if you have any doubts about how deep the toenail crack goes, then you should not use super glue on it because it is a harmful substance that is not intended for bodily use. Additionally, it is important to allow the glue time to dry and set in order to be fully effective. This can be a little inconvenient because it takes longer to fix than some other methods. 


Another option for fixing a cracked toenail is by using a small piece of paper. This is often done on fingernails, although the precipice remains largely the same. Coat the nail in a clear coat of nail polish, then cover the crack with a piece of paper large enough to cover the whole thing. Do this while the polish is still a little sticky. Then allow it to dry, and then coat with another clear coat to strengthen. This isn’t always the best option for toenails and is much more of a cosmetic solution. Nonetheless, it does the job of filling a crack on the nail surface while allowing the healthier nail to grow. 

Prevent Cracking 

Another preventative method to avoid this from happening in the future or recurring injury is to ensure you are taking proper care of your toenails. Take care of your toes and overall foot health by washing daily with warm soapy water and regularly using a pumice stone. Avoid cutting toenails too short as they are likely to become infected or ingrown, which can be extremely painful. If you have particularly thick toenails you might want to file them often, this can be done using a different type of file for fingernails in order to maintain hygiene. Keep the nail beds healthy with vitamin E oil. Additionally, you could take multivitamins that focus on bone and nail growth to allow stronger toenails that are more resistant to cracking. 

Overall, there are several remedies for fixing a cracked toenail, depending on the severity and what items you have around the house. Of course, if you think that you can see blood, bruising, or infection under the nail itself, then get your doctor to look at it. The crack might run deeper if your toe has been through some level of trauma, such as having something very heavy dropped on it. A common injury in those with farming backgrounds is horses or cows stepping on their toes, causing severe cracking. That is why there have been many remedies developed as well as preventative measures.