“Baby Lives Matter”, “Your Body, Your Choice”, and “BLM” Painted Near Charlotte Planned Parenthood


An unapproved mural was painted on quiet street in Charlotte that read “Baby Lives Matter”, then was quickly painted over with other messages reading “Your body, your choice,” and “BLM”.

Activist Tayler Hansen posted an image on Twitter last weekend that seems to indicate that he was in the process of painting the mural.

The full mural was completed last week in front of the Planned Parenthood facility on South Torrence Street in Charlotte’s Cherry Neighborhood.

WBTV took a photo of the painting in their helicopter before it was painted over.

The message was then painted over with the phrases “Your body, your choice,” and “BLM”

CMPD is now investigating the unapproved paintings.

What do you think about the messages?