Aldi Recalling 38,000 Bags of Mixed-Vegetables After Rat Parts Discovered


Over 38,000 bags of Four Seasons-brand Mixed-Vegetables, sold exclusively at Aldi stores, have now been recalled after three complaints of pieces of small rodents were discovered in the bags.

The Aldi Supermarket chain has just reported that they’ve received one complaint from a customer and two from an Environmental Health agency over the same batch of mixed vegetables.

In a statement, Aldi noted that they have officially¬†recalled 38,000 bags of the products, which were originally supplied by Agrifreeze in Belgium, and they’ve stopped any further shipments of the product from Agrifreeze to prevent any further issues.

Any customer who has purchased one of the mixed-vegetable bags should discard it or return it to a store for a full refund as soon as possible.

To contact Aldi, send an email here.