‘A Day Without Immigrants’ Rally Will March Through Uptown Charlotte Today


Local immigrant rights’ groups are planning on marching through Uptown Charlotte today for the annual “Day Without Immigrants” rally.

The rally first started in 2017 with several thousand immigrants and supporters marching through our city to protest the recent policies by the Trump administration.

This year’s march will be largely focused on the recent actions of ICE in North Carolina.

In a press conference last week, Stefania Arteaga, with the activist group Comunidad Colectiva, said;

“Our community was attacked this past week. We cannot allow these escalations to continue. We need policies in place, we need local [elected officials] to speak up and speak clearly about what’s going on … because immigrants are constituents.”




This year’s “Day Without Immigrants” rally is scheduled to begin at¬†noon today in Uptown Charlotte’s Marshall Park.

What do you think about the recent actions of ICE and today’s rally?