4 Home Upgrades That Won’t Break the Bank


Is your “home, sweet home” making you sour? Is your bank balance making you bitter? 

Well, today’s your lucky day. This article is here to give you some home upgrades that won’t bust your budget.

Read on to learn more!

#1 Change Up Your Kitchen with Small Details

Upgrading your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, new granite countertops might be out of the question (for now), but there’s no reason you can’t start beautifying the belly of the house with these sweet tips: 

  • A cute spice rack with a rainbow-like display of spices and condiments does wonders for the mood and look of your kitchen.
  • Stick-on tiles can transform your kitchen backwash and completely revamp your home’s color scheme. 
  • For a pop of color that’s also practical, buy affordable, multicolored utensils to display in cute containers on your counter. 

#2 Give Your Living Room a New Coat of Paint—Minus the Paint 

Nothing gives your home an upgrade straight off of HGTV like a brand-new wall color. Too bad painting your walls can be tricky, messy, and, sometimes, expensive.

However, with some patience (or some hacks), you can have it all.

If your motto is “time is money,” then paste-up custom made wallpapers could be the key to your new home aesthetic (without locking yourself into a day’s worth of painting). On the other hand, if you want to go with the slightly cheaper, more traditional approach, use these hacks to reduce the hassle:

  • Lay down a plastic tarp on the floor before painting. Secure it with tape.
  • Make sure you use primer, so your paint really sticks.
  • Use a small brush to paint at the corners and edges, so your lines are crisp and neat.
  • If you don’t want to paint, spruce up your wall by taping fake flowers from the floor to the ceiling, spacing them evenly. 

#3 Plants, Plants, Plants

Nothing breathes new life into a space more than gorgeous, lush plants. 

Don’t worry—you don’t need a loaded bank account or a botany degree to give your house a garden-chic makeover. 

Here are some affordable, easy-to-maintain house plants you can put in your space today:

  • Pothos
  • Golden Pothos
  • Dried Eucalyptus
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Alocasia Calidora
  • Monstera Deliciosa
  • Mini Monstera Deliciosa 

For an extra upgrade to your place, take care in selecting the pots and planters that will really highlight your home. Instead of splurging on high-end planters from the most Instagram-worthy nursery in your town, buy cheap clay pots and customize them to your liking.

Check out these ideas to turn your planters from blah to beautiful:

  • Dip your pots in paint or cover them in adorable stickers for a colorful upgrade.
  • Play with copper wire to surround your planters with modern wire art that could rival the great works of the MoMa. 
  • For a more subdued addition, hang some cute gilded animals to your plant branches for a charming jungle feel. 

#4 Reframe Your Decor

You don’t have to buy a new home to live in one you love, just like you don’t have to buy new decor to surround yourself with images that inspire you. 

While you’re reframing your thinking about your house, go ahead and reframe your decor, too—literally.

Have fun at your local flea market, finding the coolest and quirkiest ornate picture frames you can. Then, give them a quick splash of paint, and voila! You have yourself the perfect new frames for all your beloved art prints and pictures—and all well under your budget.  

Have Fun with the Process

Upgrading your home on a budget doesn’t have to be a slog. Instead, you can use these projects as an opportunity to flex your creative muscles and bond with your friends and family. Explore that little art shop on the corner, roam that flea market you’ve always wanted to check out—the DIY world is truly your oyster!

Happy upgrading!