Davidson’s Own Home Decor Store Was Just Featured on HGTV


Rumor Mill Market on HGTVDavidson is getting even more national exposure as local decorator hot spot The Rumor Mill Market was recently featured on HGTV’s hit show “Tiny House Big Living”.

The shop was highlighted during an episode of HGTV’s new series about the new tiny house trend. Jenn Baxter, a tiny house owner in Troutman was filmed in the shop picking out new items to add some rustic flare to her tiny home.

The one-of-a-kind furniture and home décor store constantly sees new and unique customers and visitors come in, but the entire film crew from HGTV was certainly a first for owners Scot and Janie Slusarick.

rumor mill marketOver the years they have established a steady stream of professional customers, from home builders to interior designers, so they are very familiar with helping new visitors find the perfect items.

They commented on their Facebook page that they opened the store for 6 hours on Sunday to allow the film crew and Jenn Baxter plenty of time to not only find the perfect items, but also film the perfect shots.

Jenn ended up buuying a custom sign for her house which read “Sweet Caroline,” some pillows, and a T-shirt made from recycled materials.

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