York County May Have Found A Solution To Their Coyote Problem


As coyote sightings continue to rise around Charlotte and York County, one town has decided to take rather significant measures to keep children and pets safe.

The City Council of Tega Cay has just approved a new measure to hire a wildlife management company to capture and kill as many coyotes as possible.

Song Dog Wildlife Management Company will be setting steal-spring coyote traps in strategic locations around Tega Cay.

According to the town’s announcement, “Song Dog, LLC., will meet with City Manager Funderburk and Police Chief Parker to obtain information gathered on complaints and concerns reported through 9-1-1. The company will then track the animals determining where their pathways and dens are located before laying traps. They will utilize leg traps which will be checked every 24 hours. If there is a coyote in the trap, it will be removed from the City and euthanized off-site. If they are unable to trap any in the initial 14-day period, the company will try for another 5 days at no additional charge to the City.”

Some residents have been reluctant to the idea, since the traps also pose a risk to domesticated dogs, cats, and other pets.

The city has announced that it will inform residents of all the locations of the traps, and to make sure that pets always remain leashed.

What do you think about the new plan?