Woman in Concord NC Started “Adopt A Cop” Movement


The wife of a Concord police officer has just started a new ‘Adopt A Cop’ movement that has already seen unbelievable success.

Leah Grasty wanted to show her appreciation for all that law enforecement officers do for her community, so she turned to Facebook for help.

“They wear bulletproof vests to work every single day. When he leaves the house, I pray to God that he brings him home safely. With everything happening in society right now, I just really wanted to do something to show that the community does support them and appreciate them,” Grasty said.

She posted this status on Tuesday:

Within 2 days of the post, all 161 officers at Concord Police Department were adopted by local residents.

After receiving all the letters, checks, and gifts at her home, she drove down to the police station to personally deliver every personalized gift to each police officer.

Fox 46 produced the following video that captured the reactions: