Why can online games live or die depending on their online review scores?


North Carolina is a fantastic place to live and nowhere in the state sums this up better than the city of Charlotte. As well as a thriving local economy and sense of community, there is just so much to keep people entertained. One of the more recent ways of having fun to take off is playing games online. Internet-based video games are a classic example of this and many people around the state love to play them now. 

Although online casino play is not yet legal in North Carolina, this would be another form of digital gaming to enjoy if it were ever put into law – as states such as New Jersey have done. As online gambling NJ wide at top iGaming platforms such as Resorts Casino (which has attractive bonus offers and lots of fun games to enjoy) shows, this way of gaming online can be very exciting.

Any kind of online game tends to live or die by its online review scores though – but why is this? 

Online review scores have great influence on gamers 

This is perhaps the major reason why online review scores can make or break a game. A batch of positive scores, for example, can make any game sound amazing and make other gamers want to try it. 

Bad reviews, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect and make people not want to play it. Most people have got used to looking at online reviews before trying anything out now, and this also extends to online gaming

Helps to grab media headlines for the game 

Media headlines are an ever-present part of life. Look at how Mecklenburg County’s status as a wealthy part of NC was reported recently! For this reason, online reviews of internet-based games can help a game connect with the media at large. Print-based newspapers, magazines and online news sites, for example, will soon pick up on a buzz around a game that has been generated by positive online reviews. 

In turn, they will start to run stories on the game to build up the hype around it. The same will be true if bad online reviews start to surface – though these stories will be reporting the negative feedback being heard about the online game in question. 

Online reviews are so visible in modern life 

The simple fact is that online review scores are so visible in modern life and something that is hard to get away from for products such as internet-based games. This high-level visibility means that any reviews are seen by lots of people worldwide and can therefore shape a game’s destiny. For this reason, they really are key to how well a game does. 

Online reviews are vital to online games 

With more people than ever willing to share their thoughts via online reviews, scores really do play a huge role in deciding whether an online game is a hit or a flop. As the reasons above show, there are a few key explanations for why this happens.