When Sports Gambling and Sports Technology Merge


Have you ever placed a big bet, think you’re winning, and the referee overturned a call, and you lost? If your answer is yes, that’s a first-hand experience of how tech could influence sports gambling.

The replay center may be a bettors’ biggest enemy, consisting of monitors and other technological devices for reviewing games. There’s more to sports and tech that you should know. Keep reading to get helpful information about these two industries and how they merge.

The Prominence of Technology in Sports

In the ’50s, athletes wore fits offering a perfect balance of comfort and performance. Today, many professional uniforms help measure stats like respiratory activity, posture, speed, and heart rate. Some brands even produce clothes for wiping sweat off the athlete.

Another notable significance of tech meeting the sports industry is photo finishing. In recent times, photo finishing captures a minimum of 3,000 pictures every second, which provides a good measure of accuracy. Since tech’s progression into sports, many bettors experience challenges in terms of precision in wagers and predictions.

Sectors the Sports Industry Influences

Automation plays a vital role in the sports industry. According to Forbes, there are five sectors of the sports industry that technological advancement or automation influences. These areas include venue design, business operations, media and content, fan engagement, and athlete performance.

Two significant examples of tech innovations that influence sports and sports betting include:

  • Broadcasting – One of the most typical sports gambling and sports technology industry trends is broadcasting games. It’s essential for data tracking and statistical acknowledgments for fans and other viewers.
  • Instant Replay – After placing a wager you think you’re about to win, an instant replay can work against you. On the other hand, it can work for you if you thought you were losing but won after the instant replay was utilized. Note that some officials are still imperfect in determining the right calls, even after reviewing replays. An example is in the Braves-Phillips game.

Three Big Last Second Calls by Referees that Used Technology to Change a Call and Overturn a Bet Outcome

Tech has a fair share of benefits in sports, but its downsides in sports betting are annoying to bettors. After placing a wager and it’s going in your favor, you should expect nothing but a payout from your bookie. With tech, that doesn’t always work your way.

Here are three major last-second calls by refs that used tech to change a call and overturn a betting outcome:

  1. Raiders vs. Chargers – In the NFL, the Raiders and Chargers had a highly competitive match. The ultimate score of the game was 31-26 against the Chargers. If you placed your wager in favor of the Chargers, the reason for their loss might be frustrating. 

Before the final whistle, the Chargers worked three wide receivers on the left with just a few seconds left. Parham got the ball at a third-string tight end towards the right. 

The refs ruled a touchdown, but the replay proved the ball was coming too loose as he hit the ground. The Raiders’ Johnson was also over him. After the replay, officials overturned the call, causing a loss to bettors.

  1. Islanders vs. Penguins – The Islanders were on the verge of winning their game against the Penguins until the game changed unexpectedly. At 19:58 of the first period of the challenge between the two teams, the ref reviewed all available Islanders’ goal replays. The analysis showed that the Penguins’ keeper experienced an interruption, leading to an overturn.
  2. Manchester United vs. Paris Saint-Germain – If you placed a wager on Paris Saint-Germain to win against Manchester United during full-time, this game probably infuriated you. After 89 minutes of Paris Saint-Germain winning against Manchester United, there was a handball in Manchester United’s box 18. After reviewing the replay, the referees decide to award a penalty to Manchester United, causing a sad loss to Paris Saint-Germain.

What Happens Next in Sports Betting?

Tech may be here to stay, and its effects in both the sports gambling industry will remain significant. The good news is that you can learn to engage in the best wagering practices to guarantee more wins over losses. Examples include hedging your bets and utilizing expert tips and predictions.