When Is It Time To Call A Roofer Philadelphia PA


In order to be successful in taking care of your Philadelphia home, you don’t need to be a professional contractor. Still, you do need to be handy enough to take care of standard care and upkeep of the household. 

In some cases, it will involve recognizing potential problems to enable bringing in a professional to handle the necessary inspections.

That couldn’t be more true than with the property’s roof. This is a primary home structure responsible for protecting the household and the valuable possessions inside. 

The estimated lifespan for a well-maintained roof can be as great as 20 years. Still, it’s crucial to learn adequate upkeep and how to handle minor repairs like leaks, plus know when it’s time to contact the professional roofers in Philadelphia PA to lend a hand. 

The experts can often save money by preventing a minor defect from progressing into significant damage. Let’s look at a few tips on proper roofing maintenance.

Tips On Proper Roof Maintenance And Repair

The primary component of a house is its roof. This structure is meant to protect the property and all the interior elements plus your valuable possessions. As a homeowner, you don’t need to have the knowledge of a roofing contractor to engage in household care and upkeep. 

Still, it is essential to be aware enough that you can handle basic tasks, including small repairs like the development of minor leaks. 

It’s also critical that you recognize when there’s a defect that requires a roofing professional in your Philadelphia area to come to do an assessment and make adequate corrections to avoid significant damages. 

That can save you considerable money and the headache of major repairs or a possible replacement. Learn tips on hiring trusted roofing contractors at https://www.bbb.org/article/tips/14082-bbb-tip-roofing-contractors/. The following means to offer guidance if you find yourself with a roofing situation and are unsure how to handle it.

  • Recognize when a professional roofer is required

Many homeowners are into trying to DIY household repairs, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for small projects since it can save considerable money and offer self-satisfaction. 

The average homeowner can find a wealth of guidance online with varied tutorials and “how-to” videos making even minor roofing repairs a more confident undertaking.  

That doesn’t mean that all roof issues should be construed as DIY-worthy. Some should be considered for inspection by a professional as a precautionary measure to avoid danger and prevent additional damage. A few scenarios where this is the case include.

  1. A structure involving a steep pitch.
  2. Materials prone to breakage if stepped on like stone, tiles, or other fragile surfaces.
  3. When you feel uncomfortable with the idea of climbing or unsafe in the situation.
  4. If the repairs seem too complex or you don’t feel skilled enough to make an attempt.
  5. When you recognize significant leakage, the leaking continues to reoccur; you are unable to find the source or the roofing has substantial damages.
  •  How will you know when a repair is sufficient, or it’s time to replace

Instances of minor damages, perhaps a loose shingle or two, and what would construe as minor leaks are often things that a homeowner can troubleshoot and repair with household upkeep. Eventually, all roofing reaches the point where a replacement is necessary.

Regular roofing inspections by professional roof contractors will help to keep your roof in good condition for an extended lifespan. Plus, the expert can advise you in advance when it’s getting close to the time that the roof will need extensive repairs to make it last a short while longer, or a replacement will be necessary. Go here for guidance on what you should know before hiring a local roofing contractor.

  • Roof leaks of any nature are all a significant issue

The smallest of roof leaks can create a massive mess for the household. Leaking water from the roof and water drips will result in visible water spots, including discolorations on the drywall and ceilings where the water is creating damage. 

However, you will also have damages happening that won’t be visible, like within the electrical system, within the attic supports, and perhaps with the house’s foundation. At worst, you will have a foundation failure, electrical fire, perhaps develop wood rot, mold and mildew, and on. 

No matter how insignificant, immediate action needs to be taken when there is an obvious sign of a roof leak. That will include finding the sour and sealing it. It will then be necessary to address any potential water damage that has resulted.

  • Adequate protective clothing is essential

Climbing on the roof to do some maintenance is a dangerous undertaking. That entails having proper clothing to undergo the process and the right mindset. If you don’t feel comfortable or in any way have a fear or sense of being unsafe, call a professional. 

It would be best if you never attempted to climb onto a roof with significant damage since these have the possibility of caving. Nor should you walk on a surface with tiles, any sort of material that will break under your feet, as well as those that can become slippery or if the structure has become wet. 

For a homeowner lacking adequate tools or equipment, it’s imperative to contact a professional to handle the repairs for optimum safety.

If the conditions are good and you can access the roof, you need to have heavy material, long work pants or jeans and a long-sleeved shirt for arm protection, along with shoes that offer good traction with rubber soles to avoid slippage.

Final Thought

A roof can often seem like a truly major hassle and tremendous expense to preserve and upkeep; however, it is essential for the home’s safety, so it needs to be viewed in the context of an investment in your protection. 

That would mean partnering with a licensed, insured, and well-established professional roofer in Philadelphia PA. This expert can be a massive life saver with quality, honest regular inspections. 

These will determine if defects are to be corrected immediately before they turn into major problems or create significant damage. The contractor can also inform you ahead of time when a replacement is forthcoming. 

They can even help extend the life a little longer with repairs until you’re ready. When you take good care of your roof, it will give you an extended lifespan taking good care of you.