What Homeowners Should Know About Home Warranties


Homeowners review better ways to protect their home and save money on annual requirements. Maintenance services are necessary for several systems in the home and provide insight when the systems are failing. Whenever a system fails, the property owner faces the cost of repairs or complete replacement services.

A home warranty is an option for protecting the property and preventing homeowners from making too much for the repairs and replacement services. Each of the home warranties provides coverage for appliances or vital systems in the home. Homeowners can review the plans and find an option that is best for their home that controls costs.

Coverage for All Major Appliances

A home warranty provides coverage for all major appliances, and homeowners can get help with the cost of repairs and replacement services. The home warranties protect a variety of appliances in the home including dishwashers, washers, dryers, freezers, and refrigerators.

They also provide coverage for stoves, ranges, and exterior kitchen appliances. The homeowner can review all the major appliances in their home and review plans to find the right protection for their items. Property owners find that 2-10.com has more information about these home warranties and coverage options.

Help with Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Vital installations such as smoke and carbon dioxide detectors must be serviced and tested each year. If they are faulty, they must be repaired or replaced quickly. They are necessary for detecting a fire or the presence of gas in the air.

A home warranty provides discounts and maintenance options for these devices. The home warranty company can connect the homeowner with high-quality products if their detectors must be replaced. They can also connect with certified service providers who can repair the detectors when an issue arises.

Coverage for a Swimming Pool or Spa

When getting a home warranty, property owners have the opportunity to add their swimming pool or spa to the coverage. These additional installations present costly repairs and maintenance requirements, and the property owner will face higher than average costs if the installations become damaged and require a replacement.

By setting up the home warranty, the property owner gets incredible discounts on the services for their swimming pools and spas. The warranty helps them save money on these expenses and prevents the property owner from facing high costs on their own.

Pre-Season Maintenance for HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are protected by home warranties, and the warranties do not impose restrictions on the age of the heating or cooling system. It doesn’t matter if the system is 15 years old, the home warranty will still cover the costs of repairs and replacement services.

Property owners can get pre-season maintenance services for the heating and cooling systems. This includes seasonal cleaning, inspections, and servicing of the components. The warranties provide access to high-quality service providers that understand when the systems must be replaced and how to repair components when necessary.

Pest Control Services as an Add-On Service

Some home warranties provide assistance for the cost of pest control. As homeowners know a pest infestation presents the risk of property damage and health risks that could harm the homeowner and their family.

Pests often create nests or dens when reproducing, and they damage walls and floors to do it. Some pests such as rodents could bite the homeowner or their family and place them at risk of disease transmission. By getting a home warranty, the property owner has access to discounted pest control services that make it more affordable to treat their home and eliminate common pests.

Lost Food Because of Refrigerator or Freezer Problems

The warranties provide additional options for homeowners who have their refrigerators or freezers added to their contract. The coverage applies to any issues that arise with the appliances and gives the property owner access to repairs and replacement services. They will not have to pay the full price of these appliance services.

In addition to discounts, the property owner could get complete coverage for any food they lose because of the refrigerator or freezer problem. However, the warranty doesn’t include coverage for power outages that caused the food to ruin.

Re-Keying Services After a Break-In

After a break-in, the property owner will need to change out their locks especially if they were damaged or compromised. The home warranty covers re-keying services for all entry doors and the garage. They provide coverage for services related to electronic doors and locks, too.

By adding the services to their warranty, the property owner can get fast help with these requirements. They will file a claim through the home warranty company via phone or online, and a service provider will contact them promptly. The home warranty company provides an estimate for the remaining balance after the warrant coverage is applied to the cost of the services.

Septic Tank Pumping Services

Septic tanks are a vital part of some plumbing systems, and the property owner will need to review vital steps for maintaining the systems. For example, the property owner will need to have the septic tank pumped out at least once a year to prevent damage. This may include drain cleaning and flushing out the sewage lines.

The installations could become cracked if they are not maintained properly. This could lead to sewage backing up into the property or leaking around the property’s exterior nearby the septic tank installation. Proper maintenance prevents these environmental disasters and keeps the property owner safer.

Homeowners need better protection for their household installations, and a home warranty may provide the best option for them. It provides coverage for specific installations in the home, and the homeowner gets discounted rates by using the warranty.

They have access to higher quality repair services that have been screened by the warranty company, and the homeowner won’t have to worry about an inferior installation. Property owners can also add vital maintenance services to their plan, and they will avoid common issues with systems such as their HVAC installations. A home warranty is a great choice for all homeowners and gives them 13-months of complete protection.