What are the Three Most Popular Sporting Events in USA?


Live broadcasts of US athletic events are a tradition in sports bars and pubs located all around the world. The nation, which is home to a wide variety of strange and fascinating things, also excels on the athletic front. Because the country is so vast and encompasses such a wide range of settings and temperatures, it is home to a multitude of different sports.

These events bring in thousands, if not millions of people in the US and around the world. The following events are extremely popular when it comes to viewing on digital channels and there is a massive market in terms for online gambling, that is because there are so many selections that you can wager on. By using this DRF promo code, you can wager on multiple events and receive greater odds as well as get daily offers, promotions, access to live streams, get expert analysis and much more. 

Nevertheless, within this article, we will be informing you what the three most popular sporting events held throughout the USA.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl does not require any sort of introduction. Super Bowl Sunday has evolved into something of a national holiday, with millions of people tuning in to cheer on the two teams competing for the Vince Lombardi Cup and to watch the prestigious Halftime Show. 

The championship game of the National Football League comes at the end of a regular season that consists of 16 games and three postseason playoff rounds. This game pits the best club from the National Football Conference against the best team from the American Football Conference. It is reasonable to say that this event is as spectacular as it gets, with fans from all over the world participating in two weeks of partying as a bit of pre-game fun before the big game. The Super Bowl has been played in a number of different city stadiums over the years; the NFL typically makes its site selections around five years in advance.

US Open for Surfing 

Every year, surfers and those who enjoy surfing come along the beautiful stretch of Huntington Beach to see some of the best surfers in the world attempt to ride impossible waves. The number of attendees can reach into the hundreds of thousands, and everyone takes part in some of the California-style enjoyment that includes music, various vendors, and some time spent sunbathing. Crowds of spectators may be found cheering on competitors throughout the 14 acres of coastline, all while enjoying refreshing beverages and exchanging surf language with one another.

The Master’s Golf Tournament 

Professional golfers compete for the prestigious Green Jacket at Augusta National Golf Club, which is set in the lush, verdant landscape of the American South. This event takes great satisfaction in its long history of the competition, which dates back to 1934 when it was first contested. It was conceived by golfing greats Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts.

The standard round of golf consists of 36 holes, but this competition will be played over the course of four days with each day consisting of 18 holes. This will make the stakes even greater and put additional stress on the golfers who are competing. The competition is often held in the month of April when the season’s first mild breezes are just beginning to settle in.