Want Recession-Proof Investments? Try These


Those looking for recession-proof investments in today’s volatile economy get no guarantees. But the good news is that several excellent prospects have a decent chance of delivering solid results. All are either long-time favorites among investors or newer creations that leverage the power of crowdfunding and the internet to build financial security potentially. In addition to the all-time favorite, precious metals, modern investors turn to alternatives like fractional real estate shares, oil, fine wine, and personal lending as ways to turn their unique financial scenario into a positive generator of wealth. With the traditional stock markets in a full-scale bearish cycle, inflation headed skyward, and other indicators showing signs of a recession, consider the following techniques for bolstering your bottom line.

Precious Metals

Precious metals have been the favorite of non-traditional investors for more than a century. Many have been using gold to protect their financial stability for over a thousand years. Today, options for getting into the precious metal markets include buying bullion, mining shares, ETFs (exchange traded funds), and CFDs (contracts for difference). In addition, as the global economy worsens, many individuals and institutions shift a portion of their assets into precious metals.

Fractional Real Estate Shares

Ironically, many otherwise savvy investors and working adults haven’t even heard about fractional ownership in real estate or how easy it is to get involved in the market. For more than a century, real estate has been the most popular way for working adults to acquire stable long-term assets. The obstacle for many, however, was the relatively high initial financial commitment. Now that inflation is soaring, and the equities markets are taking a nose-dive, many younger people are discovering that they can get into real estate investing without forking over a substantial initial sum. 

Even with house prices rising at a much more rapid pace than incomes, anyone can purchase fractional real estate shares and begin amassing long-term financial security. Fortunately, new crowdfunding programs, like fractional ownership shares, have made it possible for today’s young adults to do what their parents did a generation ago: own real estate and take advantage of the security and prosperity the assets can deliver. The first move for interested investors is to review a thorough guide and learn how fractional ownership works.

Petroleum and Wine

Two liquids lead the list of modern alternative investments. Oil and high-grade wine are favorites among people who want to avoid the roller coaster stock market and put their capital to work in the hard asset sector of specialized commodities. Neither requires large initial outlays of money, and both offer potentially high returns. Moreover, the wine market is a crowdfunded arrangement, and petroleum gives investors several ways to get involved.

Personal Loans

If you want to be a lender instead of a borrower, check out one of the many crowdsourced platforms where you can earn interest by lending small amounts to loan applicants. The crowdfunded personal loan niche is growing fast and offers individual lenders the chance to make considerable returns. Of course, loans can be risky vehicles, so be sure to vet any platforms you consider using.