Video of Possible UFO Lights Off North Carolina Coast Now Going Viral


An unidentified flying object was just filmed and uploaded to YouTube by a fisherman on the North Carolina coast.

According to ‘CRLarkin’, his video shows “Stationary orange lights in the sky. Seen east off of Cape Lookout on 11/13/18, roughly between 9-10PM Eastern.”

After originally uploaded on November 24th, the video has since been licensed by ‘ViralHog’ and distributed to millions of the organization’s followers around the world.

Outer Banks residents have been claiming to see two shining lights off the coast at night for over 20 years, and have yet to find any answers. Back in 2014, the sighting of 2 floating orbs accompanied by loud ‘booms’ was thought to be the result of Navy Training exercises.

What do you think people are seeing off the North Carolina coast?

Do you think it was an alien craft?