US Navy’s Blue Angels Recreate Top Gun’s ‘Inverted’ Maneuver Off East Coast in New Viral Video


Have you ever seen Top Gun? You know the scene where Maverick pulls a 4G inverted dive with a MiG-28?

The US Navy’s insanely talented Blue Angels just showed us what that may have felt like in real life in an incredible demonstration off the east coast.

They just posted a 1-minute clip where a Blue Angel flips his $21 million jet upside down and flies just 18 inches away from another jet below him…close enough to snap a Polaroid.

The 360-degree video was posted this past Friday and it’s already been viewed over 450,000 times;

The Blue Angels are the US Navy’s elite flying squadron who perform epic public demonstrations around the country.

The team is currently based in Pensacola, Florida, and one of its 15 members is from right here in Charlotte. Lt. Garrett Hopkins is a native of Charlotte, and graduated from South Mecklenburg High School in 1997.

You can see the Blue Angel’s full demonstration schedule at their website here –