Uptown Charlotte’s Ink N Ivy Just Received ‘C’ Health Grade – The Worst in Mecklenburg County


One of the most popular bars in Uptown Charlotte has just received the worst health grade possible in Mecklenburg County for over a dozen items ranging from raw food to dirty dishes to cockroaches.

Scoring a ‘C’ on a health inspection in Charlotte is exceptionally rare. Out of a total of 2,573 restaurant inspections performed over the past 12 months in Mecklenburg County, only 7 ‘C’s were given.

The only Mecklenburg County restaurants to score a C in the past 12 months were;

5/24/2018 – La Romero Taqueria and Juice Bar – 76.50 C

6/28/2018 – Flamin Kitchen – 75.50 C

11/7/2018 – Cheddar’s (University City) – 71.50 C

11/19/2018 – Stoke Restaurant and Bar – 76 C

11/21/2018 – Pudina – 74.50 C

12/4/2018 – Cottage – 77.50 C

1/9/2019 – Ink n Ivy – 78 C

Some of the worst things the health inspector found at Ink N Ivy included;

  • Observed bartenders repeatedly bus eating areas/cups/plates/utensils and then load and unload dishwashers with no handwash
  • Observed bar tenders bare hand fruit into customer drinks.
  • Observed raw shrimp out of commercial packaging stored over ready to eat foods in reach in freezer.
  • Observed raw bacon over ready to eat foods in walk-in cooler.
  • Observed raw shell eggs, and raw pooled eggs stored over butter in walk-in cooler.
  • During inspection, large kitchen dish machine had no chlorine connected.
  • Observed many dishes stored as clean with heavy food debris, pooled water with food debris in it on food contact surfaces, dishes with greasy films on them, and dishes with plastic remaining on them from being wrapped and baked with a cover.
  • Observed many dead cockroaches in liquor room.
  • Observed some items such as Lobseter dip with no date mark in prep top, but two batches in the walk in, making it unclear which batch product is from.
  • Observed several pans and bulk batches of food in walk in cooler with no cover. Racks above had raw products, chipping paint, rust, and pans with residue on the outside.
  • Observed food debris build up in gaskets on reach in doors.
  • Observed insides of some coolers with food build up.

You can read Ink N Ivy’s full health review here.