Understanding the different types of CBD extracts


We all know that CBD has been a buzz creator when it comes to the medical and wellbeing industry. The newly found natural cannabinoid has swept the markets and scientists alike with its non-psychoactive nature and many major medical benefits for mankind. It has shown various prospects in the medical niche that serious talks are in progress to declare it as a proper pharmaceuticals replacement. It has the potential to become your everyday consumable wellness product. 

Already there are hundreds of studies that have almost completely defined how does this compound work and how does this molecule interacts with our ECS to actively participate in regulating various mechanisms in our body. Apart from this, nature and side effects of this compound are also in major talks around the globe at the hands of various practitioners and medical professionals. But there is some ambiguity surrounding its types and the procedure by which this natural plant is formed into the more suitable and usable form w see in markets. 

Here we provide you with the information regarding CBD’s different types and its natural extracts which are varied from one another by nature and could have different possibilities for the body depending upon which extract and type are used. 

Hemp-derived CBD:

First things first, we discuss the true natural source of this wonder molecule. There are mainly two species of the cannabis plant that are most popular and have been in talks with the medical industry. One of which is the hemp. The property of this plant is that it mostly contains pure extracts of CBD and has little amounts of THC in it. THC is called the cousin to CBD as it is essentially the same compound with little differences in molecular structure and the after-effects. THC is responsible for the feeling of “high” or euphoria that is so common with other cannabis derivatives as well. CBD extracted from hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and is hence free from the mind-altering feeling that THC imparts to the body. The pros of this type are:

  • Readily available in the market
  • Safer for almost all people including pets
  • Fewer side effects
  • No mind-altering or euphoric feeling
  • Legal in many states

Many varieties of hemp-based CBD are available in the market and on various platforms such as the best cbd gummies online, for you to try out. The number of options available for this are numerous and is more user friendly and widely usable. 

Marijuana-derived CBD:

While both hemp and marijuana are seemingly alike, there are few key differences that they possess. CBD oil drive from marijuana typically ahs more THC and is hence not non-psychoactive for every person who uses it. It can cause unwanted dizziness or high and is nit legal in all states. Moreover, it can be shown on a drug test and is hence not suitable for everyone.  But it also has some qualities :

  • More CBD per milliliter of oil extracted
  • More medical effects are known already and properly researched

After this, we discuss different extraction processes that are linked to CBD in nature. Mainly there are two.

CO2 extracted CBD:

A supercritical CO2 substance is passed through a well-crushed plant and gives up usable CBD and THC.

Ethanol extracted CBD:

This is essentially the same process but it uses alcohol instead of CO2 for its purpose. It is cheaper and the most widely used extraction process for CBD and THC. 

Full-spectrum CBD oil:

When CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it can contain various components apart from pure CBD. the full-spectrum CBD oil has three main elements. The cannabinoids, the terpenes, and various minerals and vitamins. They are the most used CBD extracts it the market as they provide many more befits than just pure CBD extract. Terpenes help in boosting mood and cure in depression and anxiety. 

CBD isolate:

They are pure CBD oils that are added with some other additives such as mineral or food to create the well-balanced component that the full-spectrum CBD provides to your body.

which one to choose?

Studies have revealed that full-spectrum CBD with ethanol extractions and hemp-based derivatives are more suited for your everyday use as they are cheaper, safer, and free from various side effects. They are also known to be more effective and complete die to their full-spectrum nature.