Two Teenagers From Charlotte Were Just Struck By Lightning On A Clearwater Beach


charlotte teens get struck by lightningJansen Tabor (18) and Cameron Poimboeuf (15), both from the Charlotte area, were visiting a Clearwater, FL beach last night when they were tragically struck by a freak lightning storm, according to a press release put out by the AP.

Tabor, of Matthews, N.C., is currently in good condition.

Poimboeuf, of Charlotte, N.C., is now in critical condition.

Cameron Poimboeuf was visiting his girlfriends family for the week along with Jansen Tabor, who was one of the family members.

When Tabor came-to in the hospital, he told police that the two immediately ran for shelter when the rain started, and suddenly he found himself waking up on the sand after the lightning strike.

The whole Tampa, FL region is known for its frequent lightning storms – the name Tampa is actually a Native American word which means, “sticks of fire”.




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