Top educational books


Even in the era of technology, when everything is rapidly developing every day, and you can even do academic proofreading online, books will remain an effective source of knowledge. With the help of books, people grow intellectually, and is not this the meaning of life?

History of the body in the Middle Ages

Jacques Le Goff, Nicolas Truon

In a short course in the history of the body, it tells about the main object of discussions and conflicts of that time, reflecting on freedom, sensuality and sexuality. Attitudes toward the body, oppressed and exalted, in the Middle Ages were contradictory and ambiguous – from the abstinence of priests to the enjoyment of the laity, from the foundations of Christianity to the remnants of paganism, from fashion in clothing to eating habits, from celibacy to passionate love.

The story of my disasters

Pierre Abelard

Readers are offered a tragic autobiographical work by the famous French philosopher Pierre Abelard – “The History of My Disasters.” From this biography the reader will learn how difficult and thorny was the path of this great man, how much mental and physical suffering he had to endure on the path of life. This is a story of great love – a lifelong love for the beautiful Eloise. This is a story of great spiritual work and great humility!

The city of the sun

Tommaso Campanella

Campanella’s political philosophy in his “City of the Sun” contains a preaching of a communist, controlled by the principles of eugenics, a society ruled by a king-priest and three ministers of state. This utopian picture reflects Campanella’s dream of converting all mankind to Catholicism and establishing an authoritarian world under the auspices of papal authority (the “monarchy of the Messiah”).

History of the Greeks

Indro Montanelli

This is a book about the history of Greek civilization, its origin, prosperity and decline. The author without boredom and excessive academicism tells us about the heroes, politicians and cultural figures of ancient Greece. Thanks to imagery and lively style, the historian-publicist intrigues the reader, finding an echo of ancient myths, legends, stories in modern history. For a wide range of readers.

 Descendants of Odin and Thor

 Gwyn Jones

The book contains unique material from the history of the Viking Age. It tells of an unprecedented expansion to the west, in search of unknown lands, Scandinavians who spoke the same dialect, professed the same religion, recognizing similar laws, and for three centuries fought brutal wars at sea and on land in Western Europe. Archaeological research data, analysis of literary monuments and historical evidence are designed to create a multidimensional image of the Vikings.

Cathedral of Our Lady of ParisCycle “Trilogy of Rock”

 Victor Hugo

The Notre Dame de Paris is the first historical novel in French to be created with the aim of preserving a majestic architectural monument. Against the background of medieval France, a drama unfolds with the participation of a street gypsy dancer Esmeralda and a hunchback bell ringer Quasimodo. He finds the courage to try to save a young beauty from death … The colorful image of Paris from a bird’s eye view and the poignant love story under the arches of the Gothic cathedral are reflected in many film adaptations and stagings. France’s lost symbol, Notre Dame, has burned down, and Paris, along with all of France, will never be the same again. However, in the pages of Hugo’s novel, its protagonist, the Notre Dame de Paris, will always stand. And under the arches of the Gothic cathedral will unfold a dramatic love story – one of the most famous and fateful in the history of literature. Intrigue and unexpected twists, love and jealousy, revenge and treachery, death on a scaffold and death from the impossibility of surviving the loss of a loved one – against the background of medieval France with its brilliance and horrors.