Top 7 B2B marketplaces a start up can rely on for fast growth


The world of entrepreneurship stands on one key factor; the process of execution. Since the success of a business follows various approaches and strategies, advancement of technology sought to annex a jet on the entire entrepreneurial venture through introducing the approach of B2B marketing. This new marketing approach has been proved so apt that it re-crafted quotients of physical business policies completely with vibrant methods. Two reasons have been sought to trigger the change; client/ seller friendliness and the online commuting mechanism which is being operated as a common forum of global supply chain strategies. In fact, nowadays it’s been found that many sellers do specifically opt for B2B business hierarchy as it underscores pan world business growth under one umbrella. 

Therefore, to boost your startup growth if you’re likely to be supported by B2B marketing mechanisms, enroll in any of these 7 globally extolled B2B marketplaces as a new client or seller. 

Top 7 B2B marketplaces to fasten the growth of your startup 

  1. Amazon

One of the best business marketplaces, applauded as the most prominent pan e-commerce leader. However, presently Amazon business is consingend over 14 global marketplaces. Although, finding a suitable B2B marketplace for selling products has never been easier but at Amazon business you can quickly sort the problem. The forum does not support massive business figures but is equally accessible for small scale business owners, entrepreneurs and even certain public sectors. Best part is yet to be revealed! Once you become a granted seller at Amazon, endless access to fast and secure shipping and products pick-up will be acknowledged. Apart from that, monetary transactions policies are credible enough. In simple words, Amazon business could be a perfect place to profuse your startup. 

  1. Alibaba

Founded by Jack Ma and Peng Li, Alibaba has been serving as a trusted gateway for wholesale business enterprises for the last 18 years. The China based e-commerce platform is a copious warehouse of chinese products and supports selling of versatile products from different countries as well. Despite being an epitome of B2B business growth, Alibaba also bolsters B2C and C2C marketing affairs.  Despite the supply-chain formula, other sets of perks that Alibaba ensures for the clients are digital fund transfer, mobile banking, digital auction, e-commerce and online shopping. With an ignited working support from more than 1.3 lakh employees, Alibaba has been able to mark a revenue of 72.3 billion US dollars in 2021.

  1. Walmart

If you choose Walmart’s seller account to prioritize your startup’s growth it’s undoubtedly a right decision you’ve made. Walmart welcomes sellers of all genres on marshalling their products in its warehouse acknowledging some lucid steps. In fact, according to Walmart’s statistics report they have been bounded with over 30 million customers till the time. Additionally, it allows a remuneration of  50% to the sellers through the Walmart Yotpo annual syndication consignment application. And it serves over 27 countries, global sellers are given equal enthusiasm to sell their products at its depot.

  1. DHgate

One other popular B2B marketplace from China which puts a special emphasis on small scale sellers. Over the years, DHgate has sold 40 million products in 230 countries out of which only 1.2 million have come out as Chinese products. Rest are versatile and collected from various parts of the world. However, to be a part of its seller account you have to make an application at From apparel to accessories, the e-commerce forum encourages a flair of products with varying commissions as per product type. To remove probable obstacles from the avenues of business it introduces a plausible monitoring and order tracking system for both buyer and seller. So, to enjoy a scam free and economical  B2B business experience, you can try employing the active DHgate coupons as well.

  1. eBay

 Out of the top 10 B2B marketplaces in the world, eBay is being potent in holding its rank in the first section. The trustworthy online selling platform welcomes sellers to place their products into cart via ebay BULQ which assembles multifarious products. Despite new ones, eBay also encourages reselling old and used products. However the inventory of eBay mainly showcases four categories; clothing, electronics, household appliances and toys. Best part of this online marketplace is the opportunity of free delivery and doorstep picking up of the products. 

  1. Etsy

If you’re an endeavor and looking for a suitable antrum to sell your crafted products give Etsy a try. Etsy is a renowned outlet for handcrafted artefacts. And with its seller account you’ll derive an elated chance to rack-in your products into its warehouse and earn surprising bucks. However, a fee of $0.20 is charged per product before they are displayed on the buyer’s page.

  1. Thomasnet Network

One of the largest platforms to supply industry-based products and eventually the first choice for B2B sellers of this genre. Major listed products from Thomasnet include white papers, machineries, tools and 2D, 3D CAD models. The 120 years old platform is registered with more than 5 million suppliers from all of N. America and has sold billions of products. After falling under online marketing strategy, the overall revenue has exponentially triggered out. So, if your start-up is based on small engineering tools or you make AutoCAD models, get ready to sell these at Thomasnet. 

So far, these are the 7 B2B marketplaces currently leading the USA. You may register with one of these to experience the impact on your business. Despite these market forums you can also get help from popular coupon websites that assemble trending offers for B2B marketers as well. For example DHgate, which is a global forum for e-commerce business, dispenses an average 80% gain to the B2B marketer on selling their products at its warehouse and so forth. So,  all the best for your endeavor and wish you a quick proliferation ahead.