Top 5 Coolest Things Charlotte Residents Are Making And Selling On Etsy


Thanks to Charlotte’s uniquely creative atmosphere and beautiful scenery, many people have started creating custom works of art and selling them around the world.

Here 5 of the coolest shops we found on Etsy from right here in Charlotte, NC;

#1 Crestfield

Welcome to CrestField Home where I create all sorts of wall decor for your home or a gift. I specialize in not only vintage style wall art from every state and most cities, but I can customize anything to your heart’s desire. As a graphic designer I opened my shop in Charlotte, NC in 2011 to help extend my desire to design. I have over 1500 unique designs that can be customized with your copy, location and background color – check out more details here on Etsy.

#2 Docklands

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Docklands specializes in graphic design, clothing, wall hangings, and custom work.

Check out more details here on

#3 SomeThingsWong

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SomeThingsWong’s name came from a play on its owner’s name (Laci Wong).

Her heart behind her shop is to have the chance to make beautiful flowers that people will choose to give as gifts and use in their weddings and homes and then, the blooms will survive forever serving as reminders of moments of love, joy, and blessings.

Find out more on her Etsy shop here.

#4 The Wood Widdler


The Wood Widdler offers custom cut, engraved, and painted wood pieces, including wall hangings, furniture, and decorations.

Check out more details on their Etsy store here.

#5 Emmy Eff Designs

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Emmy Eff Designs is a haven for hand crafted original jewelry designs, flower crowns, and customized sets as well as lovely vintage jewelry finds while they last.

Browse all of her art and jewelry pieces on Etsy by clicking here.

You can also browse over 600 other unique and custom items that are being made right here in the Queen City on by clicking here.

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