Thousands Sign Petition To Install A Curfew For Teens At Concord Mills


concord-mills-drug-bust-300x160Last weekend several fights broke out inside Concord Mills, and dozens of people reported hearing shots fired (police have not yet found evidence of gunfire).

When police arrived, they dispersed the crowds, forcing many innocent shoppers out of the mall. This incident, along with several other recent outbreaks of violence (including the discovery of a meth lab inside the mall), is now causing many to demand serious changes.

This past week, several shoppers decided to launch a petition to demand a 6pm curfew for all unsupervised teens.

“We all watched with horror as Concord Mills Mall got evacuated over the past September 2017 weekend. We now know that this was due to unsupervised underage children. The only way we know to save this mall from becoming one of many Simon malls that has turned into a non family friendly environment is to demand a curfew be implemented by Simon Property Group.”

The petition has already received over 9,000 signatures.

What do you think about the increasing violence at Concord Mills?

Do you think a curfew for teens should be implemented?