After Thousands of Complaints, Mecklenburg’s Beach Is Increasing Fees And Starting Shuttle Service


TheBeach1Mecklenburg County’s first beach opened about 4 weeks ago on Memorial Day weekend to massive crowds – and the traffic hasn’t really let up since. After thousands of complaints from Lake Norman residents, and from visitors who’ve been turned away from overcrowding, Mecklenburg County has finally decided to make some changes.

They have now increased their fee structure from $3/$5 per car (depending on residency), to $5/$10 Monday-Thursday and $10/$15 on the weekends – in addition to a new ‘walk-in’ fee – $3 for anyone under 13 and $5 for ages 14 and up.

The county also decided to launch a new shuttle service that will transport people from CATS’ Park and Ride site on Northcross Drive in Huntersville to the beach – and those using the service, will also get free admission to the beach. The buses would operate on 15-minute cycles, until the beach hits its capacity (set at 500 people) or the park’s capacity (2,000 people).

It seems their primary focus is to address the complains of local residents from congested road traffic, and beachgoers parking in front lawns, driveways, and local businesses all around Ramsey Creek Park.

In case you haven’t already seen it, here’s the (unofficial) trailer we made for the beach’s opening weekend;

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