This Past Weekend’s Untappd Beer Festival Washed Out From Rain and Poor Planning


Charlotte’s inaugural Untappd Beer Festival, marketed as the ‘biggest beer festival in Charlotte’s history’, left many ticket holders dry and angry.

A little less than an hour after the festival started, rain from the forecasted thunderstorm began falling.

Organizers rushed everyone under cover due to the weather;

Many people pointed out that even though they were expecting rain that day, the festival organizers did not have any breweries set up inside;

About 3 hours later, Untappd finally started letting people back in;

but most of the 12,000 ticket holders never got the memo;

The next day they posted the following statement regarding what happened;

Immediately after posting their public statement, attendees of the festival started commenting their complaints, many saying that the issues went far beyond the bad weather;

The biggest complaint was that they sold far too many tickets;

The other big complaint was the size of the glasses given out;

Perhaps the only highlight for many of the thirsty, tired, and wet attendees was the ‘giant-inflatable-beer-can-football’ game that spontaneously erupted;

Did you go to Untappd festival?

How was your experience?

If you’re looking for a solid beer festival that’s proven itself year after year, check out next week’s South End Hops Fest.

Tickets to the hops fest are about half as much as Untappd, and they’ll likely be featuring more local breweries on tap (also, the forecast is showing 80 degrees and blue skies for the day of the festival).

You can see everything they’ll be offering at