There’s A Massive 60,000 Sq Ft Nuclear Bunker Near Charlotte


If the news has been freaking you out lately, you may want to memorize the following address…

There’s a massive 60,000 square foot underground bunker sits about 30 miles due East of Charlotte, at 8670 Love Mill Rd., in Stanfield, NC;

It’s divided into a total of four floors at one end of the building, and two floors at the other, and includes; a kitchen, bathrooms, showers, a 12,000 gallon water tank, central air conditioning, and pretty much anything else you’d need to sustain 90 people for 90 days during a nuclear attack.

via Stanly County History Center

Talks of renovating and recommissioning the old bunker have been increased over the past few years as US tensions with North Korea, Russia, and Saudia Arabia have been in flux.




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