The Most Likely Ways Employees Will Die at Work


Despite regulations covering safety and protection at the workplace, there is still a significant number of work-related deaths in North Carolina every year. Therefore, businesses should continue to aim for the highest safety standards in the workplace and proactively close any gaps in employee safety and well-being. 

Additionally, workers’ compensation needs to be a vital part of a firm’s insurance coverage to protect both employees as well as the business. For example, employees and their families affected by accidents would need compensation for medical bills and losing a loved one. In contrast, the business would need coverage from bankruptcy were anyone to sue them for wrongful death.

While there can be many causes of unfortunate workplace fatalities, some causes are more common than others. Here’s a look at some of the more common causes of workplace deaths and what can be done to prevent them. 


Falling from a height is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and death. This type of hazard is often seen in construction, electrical work, and firefighting. Such injuries and fatalities can be significantly prevented by wearing a safety harness, employing safety nets, and installing guardrails. In addition to improving safety, businesses must also ensure they have workers’ compensation NC insurance to protect employees and the business. Cover for workers’ compensation in NC can be found via companies like The Hartford.

Electrical Accidents

Electrical accidents can happen when an electrical current malfunction or is negligently used. Power lines are especially implicated in electrocution deaths. Therefore, employees working near power lines must be very careful and keep themselves and their tools and equipment at least ten feet away from the lines. In addition, wiring hazards need to be taken seriously. Frayed or work cords must never be used. All power tools must be grounded using a grounding pin.

Being Struck

Being struck by heavy, falling objects is another leading cause of fatalities and injuries. The field of construction is more vulnerable to these kinds of events. Wearing approved hard hats on construction sites and anywhere where there is a possibility of falling debris can help prevent some of these injuries. In addition, vehicles operated in reverse should activate the backup alarm to alert people and use barricades around cranes. Reflective vests are another helpful tool.


Workplace fatalities and injuries can also be significantly caused by employees and workers getting caught in objects or machinery. This can commonly occur in agriculture, manufacturing machinery, excavation, or trench collapses. To prevent these types of accidents, workers must install trench boxes or slope the trench side walls. In addition, equipment such as ladders, ramps, stairways, and other secure types of egress must be used. Every site must also employ a qualified person knowledgeable about soil type, sloping techniques, OSHA standards, etc.

Workplace fatalities are an unfortunate reality in the world of business. Firms must continue to work towards the highest possible safety standards for all their employees. They must also protect the business and its employees with the help of workers’ compensation insurance cover.