The Most Famous Lotteries in Japan


Lottery in Japan dates back to the 15th century when shrines and temples used it for fundraising purposes and money for upkeep. Up to date, people still purchase lottery tickets in pursuit of big prizes that are guaranteed. Advancements in technology have revolutionized the way people buy tickets. Now you can use your device to purchase tickets online from the most popular national lotteries in Japan through live casinos. Surprisingly gambling is prohibited in Japan, but certain rules allow locals and tourists to participate in the famous lotteries. People from all over the world can participate in these lotteries. Although Japan does not make tax winnings from these lotteries, your country of residence still has the right to tax your winnings. That is if your government taxes winnings from lotteries.

Where to Get the Most Famous Lotteries in Japan

So, which are the most famous lotteries in Japan, and how can I play them? Where can I get them? Are they legitimate? Calm down, finding the best lotteries in Japan is easy, but finding the best live casinos can be tedious. However, thanks to the reviews we post here at FukuroCasinos, getting the best live casinos is now easier than ever. Live casinos are now stemmed in the game since the majority of the people prefer casino live. At FukuroCasino, you will find reviews of the top most rated and trusted live dealers in Japan. You can safely purchase your ticket online without the risk of theft. Here are some of the most famous lotteries in Japan.

Loto 6

Japan Loto 6 started back in October 2000 and rapidly became popular from its enormous prizes. Today, this national lottery guarantees you chances of winning prizes worth up to ¥600 million. All you need to do is choose six numbers from a guessing range of 1-43. Loto 6 has a starting jackpot worth ¥200 million. There is a rollover jackpot with a cap of ¥600 million. The jackpot is won when you match all the six numbers with the winning combination. And if you are not lucky enough, there are still other prizes when you match five to three numbers. An additional ball is drawn from the same pool to determine the second prize winner. This lottery is drawn twice a week; on Mondays and Thursdays. One ticket costs 200 yen and has seven slots to place your chosen numbers. The additional slot is meant to be a bonus.

Loto 7

Loto 7 is like Loto 6, except that the biggest prize you can win is a mouthwatering ¥1 billion. This is approximately €8.5 million. This is the largest lottery jackpot offered in Japan. When purchasing a ticket, you have nine slots to arrange your seven choice numbers and an additional two for bonuses. The starting jackpot is won by matching seven numbers with the winning combination, and it is worth ¥600 million. The jackpot can roll over to ¥1 billion. You can still win other prizes where the second prize is won by matching six plus an additional number chosen from the same pool. Loto 7 draw is played every Friday. 

Japan Mini Loto

Although Japan mini loto is the smallest on the list, it still leaves marks in many hearts. Japan mini loto is drawn every Tuesday and has a set prize of about ¥10 million. It was first introduced in Japan in April 1999, and to play, you must match five numbers of your choice with the winning combination. A ticket has six slots where you choose five and a bonus slot. One number from the same pool is chosen to decide the winner of the second prize. The guessing range for Japan mini loto is 1-31, and due to this, the odds of winning are very high, which results in multiple winners. Any money that remains is shared among the winners. The Japan Mini Lotto is among the famous lotteries in the country.

Final Verdict

Lottery in Japan is a culture. Although gamblers live in a grey zone, where gambling in Japan is illegal, the lottery is legal; the lottery has rapidly grown over recent years. With live casinos, you can easily purchase tickets online. Live dealers are readily available in the market, and choosing a dealer can be daunting. Reviews come in handy, and FukuroCasinos we give you the best content. We have the top most rated online casinos based on customer ratings and feedback. You don’t have to fall into the hands of conmen, head over, and read about your choice’s casino.  

Japan’s lotteries guarantee you mega prizes, imagine winning ¥1 billion by just matching numbers. Loto 7, without a doubt, is an accident away from making you rich. And if not the top prize, you can get the other prizes which are still worth your effort.



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