The most epic horse races make viewers satisfied


If you are wondering about the most exciting and dramatic sports in the world, then surely you cannot ignore the sport that we will cover in this article. There are very few performance sports these days that can make a profit for the viewers, not only that, the historical value of this show sport makes fans from all over the world It must be admired, it has created a huge industry from betting and earning billions of dollars a year for betting enthusiasts in many countries, that is horse racing. Horse racing has long ceased to be a sport for royalty, today, it has gradually become a favorite sport around the world, especially in the Americas. Not only that, with billions of dollars in prize money, horse races are the ideal setting for anyone wishing to reap the financial benefits. So do you know, every year in the world, there are high-class horse races taking place in the world?

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is a name that anyone who is passionate about horse racing knows and wants to visit once. This is considered the most prestigious and world-class tournament in the world taking place in the US. The tournament has a special schedule every first Saturday in May, it has been held regularly and continuously since the 80s and is maintained to this day. Because of the prestige of this tournament, every year, at the right time in May, Churchill Downs will have the opportunity to welcome thousands of visitors from all over the world flocking to participate and admire the horse racing tournament. Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is open to people from all walks of life, even celebrities, to introduce them to the latest thoroughbreds and crossbreeds, thereby proving to the world its craftsmanship. and how professional the people of Churchill Downs are in raising the dogs. The total prize value of this tournament is up to 3 million USD, the winners coming out of the tournament not only gain admiration from the people around but also demonstrate their outstanding ability in the competition of the domestication of horses.

The Breeders ‘Cup

The Breeders’ Cup has been around since the 80s, specifically in 1984 when it continuously launched the level 1 thoroughbred horses every year and attracted the participation and watching of tens of thousands of people. The tournament lasts 2 days and is an interesting destination for all those who love horse racing throughout the Americas in particular and the world in general. It appeared as a call to serious care and concern for horses when the number of good breeds dwindled in the early 1970s. The Breeders’ Cup prizes also ran into the tens of millions of dollars, it is also the golden land for enthusiasts betting on horse racing.

British Royal Horse Racing

One of the most popular horse racing events not only in the UK but also around the world is the British Royal Race. This event was first held in 1893 and so far every time it takes place, it attracts hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.

If you are a horse racing lover, take the time to participate and follow these tournaments.