The French Press Coffee Maker – What Makes It Different


It’s possible that you haven’t heard of this method of making coffee, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less delicious than your favorite variety. It might just be the best way to make coffee at home if you care about the quality of your brew and the flavor of your grounds. To understand why let’s talk about how a French press works and its unique benefits compared to other methods. Then, we can decide together whether or not it will become your go-to method of making java in the morning.

How Does A French Press Work?

The French press coffee maker, or a cafetière, is traditionally made of glass, metal, or plastic. The carafe holds hot water that will be poured over ground coffee beans to make your morning joe. Instead of paper filters used in other coffee makers, the French press uses a screen at its base that catches sediment while letting the tasty flavor seep through. In addition to getting more bang for your buck (you use fewer coffee grounds than with drip machines), French presses brew quickly, too. Simply add coarsely ground coffee and hot water into the pot, stir and wait four minutes for the deliciousness to brew before pressing down on its plunger handle.

Advantages of a French Press

A French press differs from other coffee makers in that it doesn’t use paper filters. That’s right: no paper filters! This means you can have all of your favorite coffee grounds with none of that nasty chemical residue getting in your way. When using a French press, simply add your grounds and hot water and wait four minutes before plunging to enjoy an aromatic cup of coffee. The result is a rich, full-bodied brew, just as nature intended.

How to Choose a French Press

First of all, ask yourself what makes you think you’re an expert at French press coffee makers? Do you even like them? Take some time to decide what makes you choose a French press over your typical drip-brewed coffee. Here are some other questions to get you started: Are you trying to save money or brew better-tasting coffee? Do you want something fancy or simple? got the right coffee maker for that.

Brewing Tips for Beginners

Although French press coffee makers are easy to use, there are a few tips you should know before you get started brewing. Use these simple guidelines to help ensure your next cup of French press coffee is brewed perfectly.

  • Always grind whole beans or buy freshly ground beans and grind immediately before brewing. You’ll get maximum flavor from freshly ground beans as they release their natural oils and caffeine at room temperature. Grinding them yourself will also ensure that you don’t over-grind them while prepping.
  • Use filtered water whenever possible because tap water can contain contaminants and mineral deposits. Filtered water not only helps your coffee taste better, but it helps keep your French press in great shape too.
  • If possible, put your ground beans in the refrigerator overnight—but no longer than 24 hours—before you brew; chilled beans produce less acid when they come into contact with hot water and result in a more flavorful cup of coffee. If refrigeration isn’t an option, be sure to store beans properly in an airtight container.
  • Don’t rinse out your French press after each use. Rinsing could erode your French press filter screen and make it harder for subsequent presses to drip through properly.