The best Relocation Guide to Charlotte NC


Charlotte NC is one of the liveliest places in America. As per the best cross country movers, Moving Apt, this city is rated in the top 10 places to live in America. This place is best known for its best residence, Top-rated education facilities, a top-quality job market, and the greatest of great employers. This city serves as a central hub for developing companies and organizations. The unemployment rates there are pretty low and with an increase in the main population, people are more likely to search for jobs and is a pretty good hotspot for youngsters. 

Factors Attracting Movers To Charlotte NC:


Over more than 0.8 million people reside in this famous city of America. This is ranked in the fastest developing cities in all America and is also known by the name of the “Queen City”. The housing rates of this city are pretty moderate compared to the costly city of New York. Affordable apartments and real estate business of this city is pretty suited for the people that are interested in moving to that city. This city actively supports a variety of choices related to the areas where the people are likable to move to. Mecklenburg County is the safest region in Charlotte NC which has a nearly 0% crime rate and is one of the most secure places in all America. This city is known for its classic yet modern luxuries. 


Charlotte is one of the largest public school systems in all of America. This is mainly known for its primary, kindergarten, and pre-kindergarten education for the kids. The education system of this city is mainly application-based and therefore is more effective than any other system. The high schools that are enrolled in this city are also popular for the education provided there. This place has more than 80 private schools and more than double that of public schools. Besides this, many diverse schools and art-based faculties are also installed in that city which makes it overall more impressive. 

Job Market

Charlotte NC supports one of the largest job markets in the whole United States. It has the lowest unemployment rates in the country. This rate is comparatively half that of the country. Charlotte has nearly 120 new residents moving there each day. So, it must have enough resources to maintain the livelihood and lifestyle of all the people that move there or are staying there from the beginning. It is even said that the job opportunities in the financial sector and headquarter jobs have only increased in the time of the pandemic. Charlotte is successful in being able to support nearly 0.9 million of its population with the jobs the country can provide. The job opportunities originated in that region are only on the rise as the main employers there have their centers only in developing countries and are only on the rise. 

Main Employers

Charlotte NC is a central hub to many of the employers. As a developing state of the country, it attracts all types of investors and uprising industries towards it. This state supports the centers or main offices of many multinational corporations, companies, or industries. This state also has the Bank of America which is the top-rated workplace place in all of America. It is the most desired location for work in all of America. Microsoft, FedEx, Hilton, Paychex, Duke University Health System, and many more organizations have their centers in this state and support the economy. This region has the lowest unemployment rates in the country and these organizations that support the financial sector are the main reason for it. The Bank of America alone has numbers of employees counting up to 0.2 million. This is the greatest source of employment there. 


Charlotte has the purest lifestyle in all of America. It is one of the states that are known to be the safest for the people and residents there. This place is actively listed and rated in the top 10 places to live all over America. This place is known for its inbuilt balance between classic culture and the modern one. This metro area has its own culture, sophistication, and feel, which makes it even more enchanting for the people that wish to move to that place. This place has evolved to a great extent in just the past decade. The delicacies of this city also attract a vast majority of people to this city. This place is a good intermediate between the humid city of Florida and the costly city of New York. The mild winters and pleasant falls in this city also play a great role in making it more likely and more inviting to the people interested in that city. 

Main Attractions 

NASCAR Hall of Fame is located in this city. This alone makes it a pretty good hotspot for youngsters. Besides this, this city also gives the main preference to its art and culture. This city is known for its classic yet modernized culture, it only makes it more alluring for people choosing to reside there. The number of art museums and faculties related to that sector or field is pretty high there. Also, parks, canopies, and theme parks there are well-respected all over the world.  Charlotte is known for its scientific research studies and facilities. This city emphasizes the role of youngsters and might prove to be a great source of inspiration and motivation for them. 

We hope this guide about moving to Charlotte will help you in making a successful move and you have a whole new experience in the new place.



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