The 10 Best Destinations for Your Next Trip in 2022


Looking for the best destinations to spend your next holiday? This time, you have to be very specific about where you are traveling to. From fun to a great sightseeing experience and making valuable connections, your next trip should be worth the time and money.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the ten (10) best destinations to travel to in 2022. No matter the type of trip you are planning for or the time of the year, you can be sure of having a swelling time in the following locations.

Wallowa Lake

Wallowa Lake is in Oregon. It is the ideal destination for travelers looking to get away from the hustles and bustles of city life. This is where you get to immerse yourself in nature, take a paddle in the lake, and when you feel like it, eat some of the local delicacies at nearby restaurants. Asides from those, you can also go sightseeing at popular spots, such as the Wallowa Falls and Wallowa Lake Tramway.

Prince Edward Island

If you feel like a laid-back coastal getaway in Canada, look no farther than Prince Edward Island. Adjudged as the smallest province in Canada, it is one of the ideal places for tourists looking for fun and exploration.

You get to learn more about Canada’s history, especially from the Confederation Center of Arts. For more things to do, consider visiting the Basin Head Provincial Park or going deep-sea fishing.

San Luis Obispo

Hidden away in one of the coastal areas in California, San Luis Obispo boasts fantastic wineries, beaches for swell relaxation, and mountains for your hiking activities.

If you think that is all you are going to get out of the central town, you are wrong. San Luis Obispo has lots more to offer, only if you know where to look. For example, you get to get to paddle your kayak at the Shell Beach. For a date with history, visit either the Montana de Oro State Park or the Architectural Graveyard.


Utuado is located in the mountainous area of Puerto Rico. It is one of the best destinations for travelers who are looking to have a taste of the boisterous outdoor tourism trend in the country. Interestingly, there are several places for you to do this. There is the Finca Vista Bella, Coffee Tours, and Caguana Archeological Site.

Your best bet is to stay in a location where you get to do all the exploring with ease. We suggest staying at Las Palmas.

Nevada City and State

We have another destination for you in California – this time, it comes with secluded rivers. Nevada City is surrounded by both secluded rivers and mountains. Imagine what you are going to get out of nature when you plan your trip to this destination.

Plan your trip between March and July because those are the peak months for visiting the location. Also, there are several things to do in Nevada City, including taking a hike at the Independence Trail and kayaking in the stretches of secluded rivers. The Yuba River readily comes to mind. Your date with nature is not limited to those, as you can do a couple of interesting things. Consider exploring some of the incredible forests where you get to see firsthand, the preserved wildlife in this northern California town.

On the other hand, Nevada state is worldwide popular place for tourusts. Las Vegas is the main city for world gambling Industry.Besides casino, Nevada state is also famous with:

  • Great Basin National Park;
  • Cathedral Gorge State Park;
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area;
  • Lake Mead. etc.

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If you are looking for a vacation without crowds, the best place to visit should be Bratislava. Here, you don’t have to bother about bumping into someone or living amid many people.

It is an old town, though not isolated, it basks in that immaculately, rich history. Located in between the mountains at Little Carpathian and the Danube River, it is an ideal location for travelers looking for “quiet.”

But the town is not all quiet nor sleeps early. The bubbling nightlife is sure to keep you awake for as long as you can. Then, coupled with the outdoor activities and lush architecture, you are going to have that vacation you always craved for.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Tourists and business-minded persons travel here for various activities, ranging from sightseeing to building valuable connections and fun!

No matter your reason, rest assured that you will have a fun-filled time in this ideal location on the Floridan coast. On the list of the fun things to do in The Bahamas are touring the islands – Long Island, Bimini, San Salvador & Great Exuma.

What to Do in The Bahamas Description
Visit the Beach The Junkanoo Beach is an exciting place to visit and “relax in nature”.
Visit the Garden of the Groves It is filled with lots of flowering and non-flowing plants, backed by natural settings.
Go Diving and Snorkeling Take a dive in Bahamas’ waters and explore the sinkholes and reefs beneath the surface.
Visit the Pompey Museum This is where you get deep insights into some slave history in The Bahamas.
Head to the Clifton Heritage National Park This is Nassau’s national park filled with cultural ruins and beaches.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins is known for being one of the “craft beer capitals” in Colorado. Although this craft is not as popular as it used to be many years ago; the town is not living on its past glory. It has continually, in recent years, created new avenues to keep it in the news.

For example, you can go a-biking or hiking in some of the nearby places, top of which is the Horsetooth Reservoir.

Mljet Island

Mljet Island is in Croatia. It is one of the best destinations for travelers who are looking to “settle themselves into the local culture.” From the friendly locals to the several relaxation spots; your vacation would sure be worth it.

For things to do, consider going taking adventurous hikes in the laid-back, lush forests, exploring the ancient settlements, or settling for a chat with the villagers.


Abruzzo is a picturesque village in Italy. For many years now, tourists have taken notice of it, the reason why it features on the list of best destinations for travelers.

Here, travelers tend to do a lot of things at the same time, ranging from relishing local delicacies from popular food hotspots, taking cute pictures in the “unspoiled” villages, and exploring the Adriatic Sea.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it – the list of the top 10 destinations to visit during your next trip in 2022. Which of those destinations caught your fancy and why? Think and choose the most suitable destination for you or just try them all and get unforgettable experience.