Ten Things To Do When Moving To A New State


We make difficult decisions every day – decisions that affect our lifestyle and sometimes even influence us permanently. Changing your residence is one of those tough decisions that you don’t make daily. But it’s still stressful for you and your entire family since you’re planning to change not just a house you are familiar with but also the neighborhood. Moving to another state is even a more challenging decision. It requires smarter planning and a well-organized schedule than planning a move within the same city. If your future house is in a different state, you must prepare yourself for unfamiliar challenges and perplexing problems. So, here we will talk about some simple suggestions for individuals or families that are planning to switch to another state:

  • Start planning early

How much early should you start planning your departure? Well, moving to another state isn’t easy, so you must dedicate 2-3 months to planning and prepare for the move. Also, don’t wait until the last second to make your relocation arrangements. Moving interstate requires you to organize your affairs and deal with several changes that just can’t be done at the last minute. Homeowners who neglect planning early on find themselves stressed out with the move in the end.

  • Rent a storage unit

Several homeowners prefer moving from big cities to small towns. In 2017, 27,000 residents alone moved from New York to North Carolina. You should invest in self-storage when you move to your new home. If you’re relocating to Onslow County, consider renting storage units in Jacksonville, NC, to keep your valuables safe. Since people often discover a lot of clutter while packing, they can’t take it to the new home. So, you can store things inside these safe, clean, and comfortable units.

  • Make a budget

It’s essential assessing the expenditures of your “move” by creating a well-planned budget. Moving within a city isn’t cheap but shifting to another state is even costlier! So, it would be best if you focused on your money-saving endeavors while you contemplate relocating. Track your spending and ensure to cut back on all unnecessary expenditures. Budgeting enables you to relocate inexpensively without the process overburdening you. So, create a master spreadsheet and list all moving-related costs.

  • Change your address

Don’t forget to change your postal address after you’ve moved since you don’t want to miss out on your monthly bills. It’s even better to change the address a few weeks before you’ve relocated, as it takes some time for the concerned utilities and post office to make these alterations. They require a few weeks to process the updated address and eventually institute your changed location. Also, ask the new owners of the house to collect your wayward mail. It might bother them a little, but only temporarily.

  • Hire the right movers and auto shippers

Choose the right movers and auto shippers when you’re planning interstate relocation. You can always start by Asking your friends and family for some advice or seek their recommendations about finding the right companies. Checking online customer reviews about potential candidates is one of the best things to do before making a decision. Regardless, ask about extra charges that you might potentially incur without your knowledge. You can also do this my being prepared for your moving estimate.  The same goes if choosing to ship your vehicle to a new state , as the car transport industry is similar. Also, ensure that both your movers and car transporters provide insurance in case they lose/break something. Investing in the right people protects you from unnecessary financial losses and mental anguish.

  • Pack an emergency bag

Don’t send every single object you own via a moving company to the new location. It would be best to carry some things with you while relocating, such as your phone’s charger, extra clothes, medicines, and essential documents. Movers can encounter some delays during their journey to your home. You won’t wish to spend a night inside the premises without your nightwear! So, assemble an emergency bag for the trip and don’t risk this stuff with the movers.

  • Change voter registration

You’re obliged to register yourself if you wish to become a voter in any US state except North Dakota. It’s the only state without voter registration – though you’ll still need to show some ID for casting your vote. Since you’ve changed your postal address, you can’t vote in two places, and you have to re-register your information in the new state. Updating your voter registration must be your priority after moving interstate. You can register in person, via mail, or by simply going online.

  • Explore the location

After you’ve successfully relocated, it’s time to explore the surroundings and look for opportunities in this new setting. Go and knock at your neighbors’ doors and say “hello” to them to leave a pleasant first impression. Discover different establishments in the area. Find out where the nearest hospitals, supermarkets, and restaurants are located. Sneak into the town’s visitor’s center to gather info about popular tourist attractions. Make yourself familiar with the neighborhood.

  • Find another school

If you have children, you must also explore the location to find the best educational institutes it offers. Parents – usually – have agreed on an establishment after searching online months before moving. If you haven’t done that, then it’s time to discover the best schools in the neighborhood. You have to calculate the distance between your residence and your kids’ future school. Consider not one but several institutions before eventually shortlisting the number of schools you prefer.

  • Transfer your licenses

You also have to register your vehicle and transfer the out-of-state driver’s license you possess after moving. These tasks must be accomplished by you – in person – at your nearby DMV office. States have different deadlines for people who wish to register their vehicles. But you can’t register a car in a state where you aren’t insured. So, ascertain that your vehicle insurance is valid in any state you’re crossing. Then move on to transferring your driver’s license to the new state.


Americans aren’t aliens to habitual moving since they even surpass Europeans when it comes to moving within the country. In 2013, Gallup revealed that one-fourth of Americans reported migrating to another part of the country in the last five years. They change houses for different reasons, including a job offer, better society, and more desirable weather. But moving to another state requires proper planning for making this experience exciting instead of intimidating. Make this transition smoother for your entire family by start planning early, transferring your driver’s license, and finding a new school for the children. Also, change your voter registration, update your postal address, and refurbish the house for a seamless transition.



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