Swastika Painted Over Mural of Tina Turner in North Carolina


A massive swastika was just discovered over an artistic mural of the legendary African-American singer Tina Turner.

The vandalism, which is now being labeled a hate crime by police, occurred at Static Age Records in downtown Asheville.

The crime was first discovered by pedestrians in Asheville, one of whom uploaded a now viral photo of the image to Facebook, noting that the swastika wasn’t painted right and the vandal left footprints at the scene of the crime.

The wrongly painted symbol was quickly covered over with a sheet, then painted over with black paint by employees at Static Age Records, according to the Citizen-Times.

The Asheville Police Department and Southern Poverty Law Center have both opened investigations into the hate crime.

The record store launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to re-paint the mural. Their goal was $800 and they have already raised over $2,100.

According to the campaign, “The $800 we aim to raise will pay for painting materials and for the artists’ commission. Additional funding will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center and to daily operations of the shop, or to an organization of Tina Turner’s choice (if she happens to get in touch with us over this).