Story About Stranger Paying Over $700 For Young Girl’s Airplane Ticket Is Now Going Viral


A heartwarming story of generosity is now going viral on Facebook of a total stranger who purchased an airplane ticket for a child in need.

The story was originally posted by the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Since they originally posted the account this past Wednesday, it’s already received over 33,000 shares and over 160,000 likes:


On Wednesday, a witness reported the account of a distraught father who discovered that he didn’t have enough money to cover the steep price of his young daughter’s flight back home.

The father initially believed that his daughter would be able to fly for free as she just turned 2 years old after he bought his ticket. The airline agent had some bad news, however, he would have to pay the full $749 ticket price for his daughter.

He started to cry when he realized he couldn’t afford the ticket, then suddenly, a woman interrupted the conversation and said she would be willing to pay.

The witness said the man hugged the woman, asking how he could repay her generosity.

The woman repeatedly told the father, “Don’t worry about it.”