Some Myths & Positive Effects of Wearing Ruby Gemstone


Referred to as “King of gems”, Ruby Gemstones is one of the most celebrated gemstones across the world. This stone naturally comes in an alluring red or pink shade, and people instantly fall in love with ruby gemstone as soon as they see it. Ruby is a popular choice for gemstone jewelry when it comes to weeding or gifting purposes as well. Available to only the affluent class in the past, ruby gemstone are now accessible to common people to use as they wish. If you are also fascinated by this stone and wonder how you can leverage its benefits to draw abundance in your life, then read this article to increase your knowledge.

While you can wear ruby as your precious gemstone jewelry, but if you are born in July, this is must-have gemstone jewelry for you. Rubies are birthstones or zodiac gemstones for Cancerians or Leos. Wearing this stone will attract good fortune, love and good health to these signs. In general, rubies are suitable for most people and this gemstone helps the wearer attract love, luck and wealth as desired.

Selecting an ideal ruby gemstone

The most important feature of a ruby stone is its colour. Since it appears naturally, its colour varies from one stone to another. Mostly available in a red or pink shade, some stones also reflect a hint of purple, blue, and sometimes orange shade. The popular shade in ruby is “pigeon blood” red, which is a deep red colour. Such kind of rubies can be easily sourced from Myanmar. This gemstone’s price varies on the transparency, richness of color, weight or ratti and the source of the stone. To identify an ideal Ruby Gemstones  for yourself, you can consult an astrologist who will map your stars and weight to select the ruby stone of the right nature for you. As soon as you wear the ruby stone that is most suitable for you, you will almost instantly experience the following benefits.

  1. Boost in confidence 

Just like gemstones, confidence is a rare asset. You need just the right amount of confidence to make people fall in love with your personality. If it is a little over, people will not be fond of you, and if it is slightly under, then people may not even notice you. If you are in search of ways to boost your confidence and have tried many ways to do it, then just get hold of an ideal ruby gemstone jewelry for yourself. As soon as you wear it, you will experience a sense of fresh energy in yourself and see noticeable results around you. There is no magic to what the stone does. Ruby represents the sun element, which is a fiery and extremely confident god. This stone alters your thoughts and changes your perception of yourself. Resultantly, you start valuing yourself, your thoughts, body, and more.

2. Love surrounds you

Whether it is the love for others or self-love, you will experience a boost in Vitamin-Love in your life. You will have much more gentle thoughts about yourself, and the ability to forgive yourself will improve. Your demeanor towards others will also improve, kicking-out any negative thinking. You will become a forgiving person. And when you forgive, you make room for love and peace to enter your life. If you have been struggling to let go of any past wounds or negative energies that is hampering your life, ruby gemstone jewelry can help you bury the past in the past and make the future more appealing.

3. Increases focus and motivation

Ruby gemstone is an excellent remedy to improve mental abilities, including focus, clarity of thoughts, feeling of motivation and more. In many cases, a ruby gemstone can also help the wearer come over mental issues like depression, anxiety and anger. If you feel stuck in your life and losing the grip of hope, then ruby gemstone can help you re-align with your life. It brings clarity in your thoughts that help you think straight and take the necessary action as per your plan. It improves the quality of your thoughts and makes you feel positive about yourself and your future as well. The clarity of thoughts also makes you understand what you really want in life and whatnot. Thus, helping you move on and achieve the desired success in life.

Due to the above and many other benefits, rubies are popular among people looking to achieve life goals. But you need to be careful as there are also many rumours around ruby gemstones that overestimates its value and sellers trick buyers into buying this stone. Some c myths about ruby gemstones that you should not believe are:-

  1. Rubies have healing properties: It is not true. If a seller tells you that you can reverse any ailment like cancer, etc., then he or she is trying to trick you.
  2. All red stones are rubies: No, it is false. If all red stones are rubies and all that glitters is gold. But we know, it is not true.
  3. Rubies are not from this planet: Each and every gemstone is birthed by mother earth. Even moldavite, which was created as a result of a meteor collision with earth was created on earth itself, after the meteor collided with the surface.
  4. Rubies change color to warn you of a danger ahead: It is false. Rubies can change colour in rare cases, but that is because of some natural alteration within its composition. The stone can’t possibly know any dangerous situation waiting for you in the future.

It is recommended that you do thorough research before you buy a ruby gemstone or any other gemstone. Just a few tips and warnings can help you ditch the scammers and find the real gemstones and for the right reasons.

Buying ruby gemstone online

Ecommerce has made it possible to sell anything online. Gemstones, too, have become more accessible to us via ecommerce. You can order the desired gemstone from any corner of the world, and it will reach you at your door-step in just a few clicks. While there are many websites that sell gemstones, you need to be alert while buying gemstones online. You can look at web portals such as to explore a wide range of authentic gemstones or gemstone jewelry. The portal also provides necessary information and certificates to prove the stone’s authenticity. There are many other portals too from where you can buy desired gemstones. Just make sure that the source is a trusted one and you read the policies and return terms carefully.

You must also know that you will need to recharge the stone frequently once you have bought a ruby and start to reap its benefits. By recharging the stones, it will continue to provide you desired results. To charge your gemstones, simply clean them thoroughly with clean or holy water and place them under moonlight or sunlight. Being a natural object, the stones will absorb the cosmic vibrations and regain its ability to attract love, luck, and wealth into your life.

If you have heard anything else about ruby gemstones and unsure about the authenticity of the information, then share it with us. We will help you clarify the doubts. We do hope this article was helpful for you and you have enjoyed reading it. We will keep on enlightening you with the necessary information on gemstones. Thank you!