Seafood store near me

Big assortment of fresh seafood on fish market

Many living things are lived in an ocean. It is estimated that about one million species of animals and some plants are live in a sea. Name of plants are lived in ocean is Kelp, seaweed, sea grass, red algae, phytoplankton, corals and algae. From animal’s side 95 percent animals are invertebrates that don’t have backbones, such as jellyfish and shrimp. 

There are many types of seafood. Some of them are given below.

Crab beluga Bloater turbot

Shrimp fish stick lemon sole crawfish

Lobster crawfish caviar ceviche

Prawn Chinook chump crab

Scampi cray croquette fillet

Chitosan kipper nugget omega-3

Langoustine crawdad fugu lox

Crayfish Kipper Pollack roe

Trout sashimi Geoduck Hoki

These all are the name of seafood but they are some food name most of them are not be written.

These foods are helpful for both humans and animals in the sea. Some large fishes eat small animals that are live in the sea .with the small animals they also eat plants in the sea. And small animals, small fishes eat plants and rocks present in the ocean.

Usually cultivation and farming of seafood is known as fish farming and agriculture (in the case of fishes). Some people are go to ocean for hunting the fishes, normally they use these fishes for their personal home use and eating. But process of hunting is doing on a large scale for earning the money. Fishermen are the people who earn money from hunting the fishes. Fisherman spread a large net on the surface of ocean. Fishes move here and there in their mood when they near become the net they were entrapped. Then the fisherman takes him with them and after preparation sale tem in the market. 

Texture and taste

Dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) is very useful for sea food which is found in Red and Green algae through which marine food chain transferred from animals. When DMSP broken down dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) is produce and is often release during food preparation. Some other molecules which occurs in fishes and give them a distinct smell is known as TMAO. It also exists in fresh water species but becomes more numerous in the cell of an animal the deeper it lives in simple the fishes in the deeper parts of the ocean has best taste then the species which lives in the shadow water.

Benefits of Seafood

Seafood has low calories, fat and saturated fat and high range of protein vitamins and minerals. Seafood has been numerous health benefits. Seafood use to make enzymes hormones and other body chemicals in the body we get more protein from the seafood which is useful for our skin, blood , muscles, and building block of bones .

Seafood store near me

We can’t get fair seafood from industrial areas. Mostly countries became industrial so, to get seafood we make store in our areas. Seafood only get from marine every common man not practiced to achieved seafood fisherman. Specified fisherman can get food from marine and we get seafood from fisherman. Stores which have seafood in industrial areas are the reason of seafood store near me.