Rock Hill Students Honor Boy That Was Killed in SC Shooting


This past afternoon, a funeral for 6-year-old Jacob Hall was took place in Townville, South Carolina.

Finley Road Elementary School in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is over 120 miles away from the school where the shooting occurred, but students and teachers still wanted to give Jacob’s family some special superhero support.

Jacob was shot when police say a teenage student decided to opened fire last week on a playground outside of Townville Elementary School in Anderson County (just southwest of Greenville).

Many participants in today’s sorrowful event wore superhero costumes because his mother wanted people to focus on Jacob and his love for superheroes instead of the tragedy. His mother said Jacob was buried in a Batman costume because that was his favorite superhero.

Finley Road Elementary School took group pictures of their costumes and posted them online using the hashtags #SuperheroesForJacob and #PrayersForJacob.