Random Charlotte Man Attacks Pat McCrory’s Car With A Large Stick


North Carolina’s former governor Pat McCrory was just attacked by a Charlotte man with a large tree limb.

This past Wednesday at about 4:30 pm, near Selwyn and Runnymede, McCrory stopped for a man who was standing in the road, he recalled on his radio show.

McCrory rolled down his window and asked the man to move on, at which point the man recognized him. “Wait a minute, I recognize you, you’re Pat McCrory you blankety blank blank blank.”

The man then began swinging the staff he was carrying (which seemed to have come from a nearby tree) at McCrory’s car. The former governor said he wanted to get out of his car, but didn’t want the incident to become a big story. He instead drove away and called the police.

According to the police report, the suspect caused roughly $600 in damage to McCrory’s car. No arrests have been made at this time.