Queen Charlotte Started The Tradition of Decorating The Christmas Tree


Queen Charlotte, the German-born wife of King George III and monarch our city was named after, was the first royal to introduce the Christmas tree tradition to Britain. The tradition is thought to have originated in Germany, where it was a popular custom among the upper classes.

The story of Queen Charlotte’s involvement began in 1800 when the King, who was born and raised in Germany, invited his German-born wife to join him in England for Christmas. On the occasion, the King wished to surprise his wife with a Christmas tree and had one specially decorated with lights, tinsel and ornaments.

According to the Royal Trust, the yew tree tree was placed in the centre of the room and a feast was laid out around it. After the meal, the King and Queen enjoyed playing with the decorations and exchanging gifts with their guests. The first British Christmas tree thus became a symbol of the King and Queen’s love for each other.

The tradition soon became popular in the British households, with families all over the country following the practice. The Christmas tree was soon regarded as a symbol of joy, unity and peace.

The tradition of the Christmas tree has now become a part of the festive season in many countries. It is celebrated in different ways, with some countries putting up the tree in the centre of the room, while others adorn it with lights, ornaments and other decorations.

Queen Charlotte’s influence on the Christmas tree tradition is undeniable. Her love for the holiday and her desire to bring joy to others have made the Christmas tree a beloved tradition in many cultures around the world.