Pro Tips for a Happier Life in 2023


The 2020s are a time of social, political, and economic transition in several different ways. More than ever, particularly in the face of inflation and market stagnation, it’s imperative for individuals to get serious about saving money for emergencies and retirement. Technology continues to widen its grip on all human activity, which is why so many people need to ramp up digital security at home and on the job. Other ways to build a more rewarding life include using savvy strategies to combat inflation, doing a deep cleaning of your living space, starting a part-time business online, and developing a step-by-step plan for career advancement. Here are pertinent details about each suggestion.

Be Smart About Saving Money

So many parts of a working person’s life are connected to financial well-being. At the heart of any successful, rewarding lifestyle is a realistic savings strategy. To get started on the right path to building a retirement, emergency, or traditional savings account, focus on interest rates. This principle has profound implications for long-term savers and can spell the difference between an abundant lifestyle and a so-so one. What’s a wise tactic for finding accounts that pay the highest interest on deposits?

For those who are serious about the quest to get the most bang for their buck, it’s imperative to work via a platform that offers comparisons of the best providers in the field. Try to find a one-stop website that displays side-by-side data for various institutions, including minimum opening balances, interest rates, annual fees, etc. Those who intend to let funds grow for several decades shop for solid, fixed rates and minimal fees.

Practice Safe Surfing Online

As more schoolchildren do the bulk of their lessons online or via home-based learning apps, it’s essential for parents to use all the tools at their disposal to keep kids safe. Adults also need to employ smart practices to avoid scammers, hackers, and other bad actors in cyberspace. Consider using the latest kid watch software on children’s computers, phones, tablets, and connected gaming devices. Parents can leverage the protective power of VPNs (virtual private networks) for their own machines, use firewalls for sensitive data, and do daily malware scans to maintain a high level of cybersecurity.

Know How to Combat Inflation

Get wise about inflation and take targeted actions to deter its effects. Rising prices are not a new economic phenomenon; they’ve been a part of the global financial cycle for more than a century. In the 2020s, one of the most potent weapons individuals can use to minimize inflationary pressures is joining wholesale shopping clubs to score significant discounts on groceries and household goods. Other tactics that deliver solid results include using public transportation to cut fuel bills, eating out less often, and using coupons as often as possible.

Deep Clean Your Living Space

To thoroughly clean your house or apartment, you can hire a service or do the work yourself and save hundreds of dollars. Either way, there are multiple advantages, including a generally better-looking living space, fewer odors, and a more sanitary environment. People also notice that they suffer fewer bouts of the flu and common colds when they maintain a clean home. Dust, mold, and mildew are breeding grounds for all sorts of organisms that can cause illnesses.

Make a Career Advancement Plan

Whether you’ve completed college or not, work as a business owner or corporate employee, or have decided to switch careers, 2023 is an excellent time to develop a plan of attack. Because the economy is shifting in so many ways, there are plenty of opportunities for fresh starts and advancement. What should your career map look like? Take a page from the way professional counselors operate by making a wish list first and then refining the plan from there.

Write down three things you want to change. For most early and mid-career adults, the possibilities might include things like income, responsibilities, industry, and more. Don’t omit additional education if that’s a requirement for a particular position or role. Going back to school, in-person or online, for a year or more can be an effective strategy for bolstering a resume and augmenting relevant skills. Once everything is down on paper, fine-tune the steps and include a paragraph about the actions you’ll take to achieve each one.