Payday Loan Lending Laws in NC


Even someone with a consistent monthly paycheck can run into problems where they can’t afford emergency expenses. The first option that comes to mind in such a case is to take a loan or borrow money. If you live in North Carolina, you must abide by some lending state specific laws. 

You must have a decent credit history if you consider taking out an unsecured personal loan. A person with a bad credit history will have to look for other options to arrange the money. Here are some lending rules to live by if you are situated in North Carolina. 

Short Term Lending Laws in North Carolina 

Short-term loans can make your life a bit easier under financial stress. You can take up to six months of short-term loans if you are dealing with minor inconveniences. However, you must take the following rules under consideration if you live in North Carolina

  • No Payday loans 

If you are considering a payday loan in North Carolina, you must consider an alternate plan. North Carolina does not allow taking short-term payday loans as they can get people under a lot of stress. The high-interest rate can further increase borrowers’ burdens, increasing their debts. 

Even if you try getting payday loans in North Carolina, they are very expensive. However, the government has announced a few alternatives, such as express car title loans. An express car title loan allows you to get a loan up to your car’s value which you can return in a smaller period. 

  • Good Credit History 

People with bad credit cannot get any loan in North Carolina. You need a fair credit history, at least if you are willing to apply for a loan. If you have been to jail or have a bad history of not paying bills on time, you will have difficulty getting a loan. 

If you have a bad credit history, you can always get money using other ways. It is best to ask a friend or sibling to lend you money. If you fail to pay the loan back on time, you will have to issue your assets or go to jail. 

  • Use a Co-applicant when applying 

If you need money desperately and have a bad credit history, you can still get a loan with a co-applicant. North Carolina allows people to have co-applicants who act as loan guarantors. One of the eligibility factors for co-applicant is that they must have a good credit history. 

The co-applicant is as much responsible for the loan as the borrower. The co-applicant must step in if the borrower fails to pay the loan on time. However, it would be best if you considered that applying with a co-applicant does not guarantee that you will get a loan. 

  • Title Loans Laws In North Carolina

North Carolina used to offer title loans, but as of now they like other types of secured loans are banned within the state. If you have a valuable asset such as a vehicle, you can get a car title loan on it. You don’t have to give up the car in the payback period. 

You can keep driving the car and pay for your loan. However, if you fail to pay the loan in the specified period, the lender has the full right to possess your vehicle. There is a month or two notice period before the lender takes action. 

Things to Keep in Mind With Short-term Loans In North Carolina

Not only are lenders under a lot of risks, but the borrowers also face a fair share of problems. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when taking short-term loans: 

  • Trustful Lender 

Many lending companies in North Carolina give loans to people with even bad credit history. You must do your research and ask for referrals before applying for a loan from a particular lender. Make sure the company is reputable and provide customers with full transparency. 

  • Payment Terms And Monthly Payments

One of the issues most borrowers face is the wrong estimation of the repayment period. When discussing the loan, you must notify the repayment period you are comfortable with. Ask for an extension if you cannot repay in a particular period. 

Time is crucial; hence, you must know your potential for repayment. If you ask to extend the payback period, the interest rate may increase slightly. However, paying a higher interest rate is much better than losing your hard-earned assets. 

  • Estimate the Interest Rate 

One of the biggest issues people can have when taking loans is the interest rate. Some lenders can fool borrowers and ask for a higher interest rate. The interest rate varies for long and short-term loans. However, there are online interest rate estimators you can use to drive the exact amount. 

Your credit history can also determine the interest rate you have to pay. You will have to pay a smaller interest rate if you have a good credit history. However, people with bad credit history have to pay a much higher interest rate. Knowing the things that lead up to a loan is essential. 

  • Ask About Hidden Cost 

Each lender is different in North Carolina and has a unique way of charging customers. Some lenders don’t have an extra fee, while most charge an application fee. Before closing the deal, it is essential to know all the hidden fees to avoid misunderstanding. It would be best if you asked about the overall cost beforehand to ensure everything falls within your budget. 

  • Compare Lending Rates In NC

If you need an emergency loan, the best thing is to go to a loan broker. Any company that provides short term loans know the rates in the market and can help you faster. Take a few minutes and get an initial estimate to compare the APR and other fees for licensed lenders in North Carolina. Even if you already have a lender in place, it doesn’t hurt to see if you can improve the quoted terms.

Final Verdict On Lending Laws In The State

North Carolina is not the best place to get payday loans if you rely upon it for emergency finances as most unsecured loans are banned in the state. However, a few alternative ways and private lenders can help you. It is better to do your research to avoid paying extra fees.