Panthers Lose To Saints During Monday Night Football, Leaving Narrow Hope For Playoffs


Last night the Panthers took on the Saints in what was most likely their last chance at making it to the playoffs this season.

Although they were ahead by a score of 7-6 through the 3rd quarter, the Saints rushed the ball into the end zone and went for a 2 point conversion attempt. Cornerback Donte Jackson intercepted Brees’ throw and ran the entire length of the field into the Panthers’ end zone, giving Carolina the 2 points.

With under a minute to go, the Panthers forced a fumble in the red zone on the Saint’s 4th down, resulting in a touchback. The cardiac cats then had 1 last attempt from the 20-yard line with less than a minute left on the clock.

Our struggling offense failed to deliver a miracle drive and the Saints ended the game on top with a 12-9 victory.

Here is a quick recap of some of last night’s highlights;

All hope is still, not technically, lost…

The Panthers are now 6-8 and are still in 9th place in the NFC.

After this weekend, the top 8 teams are (only 6 NFC teams go to the playoffs);

Saints @ 12-2
Rams @ 11-3
Bears @ 10-4
Cowboys @ 8-6
Seahawks @ 8-6
Vikings @ 7-6-1
Redskins @ 7-7
Eagles @ 7-7

If the Vikings lose their next 2 games (to the Lions (5-9) and Bears (10-4)), and the Panthers win their next 2 games (to the Saints (12-2) and Falcons (5-9)), and the Eagles and Redskins both lose next week’s game and the Eagles beat the Redskins in their final game, it would give both the Panthers and Eagles an 8-8 record, tied for 6th, and since we beat the Eagles on 10/21, we would end up making to the playoffs.

Keep Pounding Panthers – we believe in you!