Overview Of The Costa Del Sol Property Market


Costa del Sol is located on the southern coast of Spain, which offers many things for tourists. The attractive beaches and world-class service attracts a vast number of visitors each year. Located in the Andalusia region, this is the most expensive area in Spain. The high number of tourists attracts real estate investors that want to make an additional income. Still, you need to know the characteristics of the region and use them to your advantage.

The CEO of Virto Property Sergey Sinyugin states:

“Not many know that the water in this area is cold. The Atlantic current significantly reduces the water temperature to 22 degrees Celsius. For the real estate market, this means that buyers will prefer a property with a swimming pool. “

Property in Costa del Sol is characterized by new high-end buildings, which incorporate the latest modern innovations. Each city in this area has its advantages, so consider carefully before you buy. Estepona is a popular holiday destination, well known for the fantastic beaches that stretch 21 kilometres. Although Malaga is the largest airport hub for the area, it is considered for work and studying. 

Marbella is a high-end and luxury resort famous for the rich nightlife. The high-end stores and luxurious yacht port attract many people that are after the Monaco lifestyle. The popularity results in high demand, as famous people want to secure their space in the gem of Costa del Sol. Add the lack of vacant land, and you have high real estate prices that start from 400,000 euros.   

The average price per square meter in 2020 is 1,646 euros. This means that property prices have increased compared to 2019. Besides, we review the location options for property in Costa del Sol. 


This city is the home of the largest polo tournament in Spain. Purchasing real estate is recommended for those who work in this field, as there are many good training courses. Also, there is a luxurious port for sailors. Despite this, this city isn’t a good option for residence due to the inadequate infrastructure.


This area is close to Estepona and has cheap property. This picturesque village has traditional Spanish houses, which cost 80,000 euros on average. However, the town is 10 kilometres away from the beach. 

Bahia Dorada

Bahia Dorada used to be a seasonal resort for foreigners. Local authorities have a clear plan for improving the infrastructure, which leads to raised property prices. Investors can buy cheaper property now and sell it later when the prices drastically increase. If you want to earn from the prospective resale, this is a great option. 


Around 70% of the population in Estepona are foreigners. This city is perfect for permanent residence and vacations since it is quiet and cozy. The excellent infrastructure and proximity to supermarkets, restaurants and schools make it convenient for living here. There are a few museums too, so tourists have lots of things to do. The best thing about Estepona is the Playa de la rada, which is the prettiest beach on the whole coast. However, expect to pay a premium price for real estate starting from 250,000 euros for the cheapest options. Besides, this will bring you a rental income from 100 to 150 euros per day during the high season.

San Pedro de Alcántara

San Pedro de Alcantara offers the right balance between education, comfort, recreation, and beach access. First-line apartments cost from 350,000 euros, while you can pay 150,000 euros for a two-bedroom apartment 15 minutes away from the beach. Expect to earn from 600 to 800 euros from monthly rents.