Online promotions during COVID-19 are starting to look predatory


You’re probably just as tired from getting the same old tired message from every company that’s a mailing list you’ve ever joined. It’s like suddenly everyone is dumping all the information that no one is even interested in while not doing any actual work to help fight the pandemic.

The fake, unnecessary promos and information have become so common that people are now asking for special filters to block out all the inaccurate COVID-19 info. 

While the world is concerned about the financial consequences that will follow, some might even lose their jobs permanently and will have to struggle to purchase the bare minimum, meanwhile, some companies have decided to turn this into a major profit scam that is actually exploiting the vulnerable state that we’re all in right now. You might be getting taken advantage of and have no idea. This is what the companies are trying to do while offering a solution to the anxious feelings that are more than normal in times like these and the best thing one can really do is accept the reality and do everything they can to stay safe, and there is no one-stop solution that is going to magically take away all the problems, but many companies would disagree,

What even is “self-care”

The world self-care has been thrown around a lot over the last few years and the idea of taking care of one’s self has somehow morphed into something completely monetizable, even if the concept wasn’t originally meant to signify spending hundreds of dollars to fix an internal problem with an eternal solution.

The point is not to say that any advertisement in times like this is unethical because some platforms can actually help us and distract us from the news and give us some activity to do that everyone will enjoy. Streaming services have been a huge help to people in times like these and many resort to tv shows to make them feel better when anxious or confused. The online casinos have also served as a shelter from the scary reality and as a nice side hustle that could actually bring you some extra cash at the same time. Googling the list of best casino bonuses 2020 could actually bring you money without you having to spend any on your own. Activities like these aren’t really a problem because they aren’t claiming to be able to solve a pandemic for you. 

But we are now seeing more and more companies claiming to hold the answer to all of this, which of course you can only find out by purchasing their item.

Specifically, the pseudo healthcare industry has clutched onto this pandemic to try and squeeze as much publicity out of it as possible. We‘ve seen multiple claims that are based on virtually nothing and that claim to have the cure, the necessary defense system against the virus. Be that with the set of gummy vitamins that are supposed to improve your immunity, or some essential oils for diffusers, or special facemasks or equipment meant to protect yours from the virus.

But even the medical professionals who treat medical patients all day don’t know exactly how to stop the virus so it’s extremely unethical to claim to hold the essential product that everyone needs to stay safe from the COVID-19.

Unethical marketing

This pandemic has put our whole world upside down, everyone is confused and scared and those who were anxious, to begin with, are having a hard time coping with the new reality. And these companies are clearly taking advantage of those seeking some solace in time of major shift. 

No “self-care” product can help a person overcome the actual dangers associated with this virus and to claim anything similar is actually alarming.

Above anything else, it is actually damaging to the physical health of people these companies are trying to sell to because these bold claims might actually stop them from protecting the safety measure as they are supposed to follow through, actually doing more damage.

You have likely already seen the advertisement for all the “unconventional” ways to treat the COVID-19, with companies talking with more confidence than the leading doctors all across the world.

The virus is so novel and unknown that we are learning about it day by day, so are the doctors. 

To make such bold claims and try to capitalize on the global pandemic that has damaged the lives of millions of people, left so many across the world jobless and with no clear idea as to what the future hold, just seems like the most unethical thing to do.

Self-care should not be used to trick people into thinking that just about anything that looks somewhat pleasing or makes vague claims can count as actually caring for one’s self and instead the whole idea of self-care should focus much less on buying products and more so on the experiences and activities that actually leave a lasting effect on a  person. There is almost no chance that any physical item you purchase will magically take your troubles away, and even if they have some medical claims, ones to try to mask it as a universal cure for the COVID-19, are clearly lying and have no moral standard.