NY-Based Lender Announces Plans To Invest $5.8 Million and Add 500 Jobs in Charlotte


One of the fastest-growing mortgage companies in America is about to invest over $5.8 million in Charlotte, adding 500 new jobs with an average salary of $87,500.

Charlotte leaders announced that Long Island-based Intercontinental Capital Group will be significantly expanding their corporate offices here in the Queen City. The deal came with $8.45 million of incentives for Intercontinental, including; $7.7 million in grants from North Carolina, $109,661 in grants from Charlotte, and $650,000 from CPCC.

“I am thrilled that InterContinental Capital Group has chosen Charlotte for their expansion. We are excited to watch them grow here in the Queen City and look forward to helping them forge strong partnerships with our local workforce development partners to provide opportunity for our residents,” said Mayor Lyles. “This announcement and the new jobs coming to our area will bring even more cheer to Charlotte residents this holiday season.”

The 500 new jobs will be added in Charlotte over the course of the next 5 years.

If you’d like to apply for one of the new positions, you can view them on Intercontinential’s website here.