North Carolina Woman Hospitalized After Being Attacked By A Group of Pit Bulls (Video)


Yesterday morning a woman in her mid-60s was taken to the hospital after a pack of mixed pit bull terriers attacked her as she was walking down a sidewalk in Winston Salem, according to police.

The woman was attacked around 10am on East Sprague Street on Winston Salem’s South Side.

A security camera on a nearby home captured footage of the attack;

When a nearby neighbor heard the cries for help and saw the attack, she quickly ran to the rescue and scared away the dogs.

“I hear someone screaming. I wasn’t sure if it was around the house in this area or where, but the screaming was, ‘Help me! Help me!’ — very weak sounds,” the neighbor said. “The lady was laid down in the driveway, four dogs around her biting. So I run to her immediately. I was screaming, ‘Get out. Get out.’”

The neighbor then called 911 and the woman was rushed to the hospital.

According to authorities, the woman suffered severe bites to her head, arms, and legs.

Winston-Salem police quickly searched the area and found 11 dogs on the loose, all originating from a home in the 1200 block of Sprague Street.

All the dogs have been transferred to Forsyth Animal Humane Society and their owner, Kenneth Byrd, has been charged with assault inflicting serious injury in connection to the incident. He is now facing $3,700 in fines and possible prison time.