North Carolina Woman Discovers A Truly Shocking Note Left By Her UPS Driver


If you see a note from your UPS man when you get home, it will typically say that no one was home to sign for your package. Last week, however, Asheville resident Marcy Lanier was shocked to discover something far different.

Instead of being stuck to her front door, the note was left in her mailbox, and instead of saying anything about a signature, it simply read;

“Bear in driveway”

Last Friday she posted a picture of the UPS slip, saying, ‘Like I say. Only in Asheville!:)’ – it’s already received over 3,500 shares and 118 comments;

Most commenters thought the situation was hilarious, and one commenter even tried to 1-up her with his own animal-blocking-deliver-truck story;

Bears have become an increasingly common site across the Carolinas, even here in Charlotte, as new development continues to shrink their natural habitat.

Last month, a black bear was filmed swimming across Lake Wylieanother one was spotted at the Stonecrest Shopping Center, and last May, a large black bear was spotted rummaging through neighborhood trash cans in Waxhaw.

Officials with the NC Wildlife Resource Commission are warning residents around Charlotte that as development continues to encroach on the bear’s natural habits, sightings and possibly even encounters will follow suit.

If you live near a wooded area or a new development, experts recommend having bear spray or a bear horn readily accessible.

Stay safe out there everyone!