Black Bear Found Swimming Across Lake Wylie (Video)


Yesterday afternoon, as the temperature continued to rise, a local black bear decided it was time to cool off.

Johnny Burgess Jr. spotted the bear while he was at the Red Fez Shrine Club. He said he first spotted the bear at a nearby campground where it got in the water and swam to a neighbor’s backyard. 

Burgess posted the following pictures and video of the swimming bear on his Facebook page;

His post has now been shared over 240 times.

Bear sightings have been increasing around the Charlotte area over the past couple years.

Just this past week, a black bear was spotted at the Stonecrest Shopping Center, and last May, a large black bear was spotted rummaging through neighborhood trash cans in Waxhaw.

Officials with the NC Wildlife Resource Commission are warning residents around Charlotte and Raleigh that as development continues to encroach on the bear’s natural habits, sightings and possibly even encounters will follow suit.

If you live near a wooded area or a new development, experts recommend having bear spray or a bear horn readily accessible.

Stay safe out there everyone!