North Carolina Named In Top 12 States For Long Scenic Walks In USA

When it comes to protecting your physical and mental health, a hike or walk in the great outdoors can be very beneficial. And according to a new study, North Carolina has been named the joint 12th Best State in America for Long Scenic Walks.
The study analyzed five different walking related data points per state. Each state was given an overall score and then all 50 jurisdictions were ranked from best to worst – you can check out the Top 20 Best States for Scenic Walking below.
Five different data points per state were measured in an index. The first three focused on specific medium-difficulty walking routes in each (5-10 miles in length). The final two were on state-wide data:
  • User Rating – from popular walk sources
  • Gained Elevation Along Each Route – from popular walk sources
  • Air Quality – from
  • Average Daily (Peak) Sunlight Hours – from Turbine Generator
  • National & State Park Coverage – from Playground Equipment